Captain Sandy teases Below Deck Med S8’s first shooting: “I don’t want someone like you on board”

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8’s first trailer revealed that Captain Sandy has the ability to fire someone.

Captain Sandy Yawn has always been a no-nonsense leader. That doesn’t exactly make her a favorite with her audience and staff. In fact, viewers tend to criticize her and often label her as the worst captain in the series.

However, she will return as the boss in Season 8 of Below Deck Mediterranean, and it looks like she’s done her job.

With one of the biggest lineups in the show’s history and some of the original stars starting on Below Deck Down Under, this season won’t be easy for her. In fact, one crew member was confirmed to be on thin ice.

Who will Captain Sandy fire in Below Deck Med Season 8?

On September 1, YouTube channel Bravo posted the first trailer for Season 8. And Captain Sandy appears to be pushed to his breaking point with someone on board.

“You’re screaming. You are lacking respect. I won’t stand that. I don’t want someone like you involved,” she said in the clip.

It doesn’t show specifically who she was referring to. With a crew this large, there’s no telling who will worry Captain Sandy the most.

If there’s one person fans could vote to get fired, it would definitely be Kyle Viljoen. Viewers agreed on the Below Deck Reddit that he was one of the worst cast members on the show.

One fan wrote: “I really don’t understand why they brought Kyle back. He’s so annoying.”

Another fan chimed in and wrote: “Kyle will be noisier and more annoying. Probably lazy too. Ugh, I can’t be with him.”

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This season will premiere on September 25.

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