Captain Sandy threatens to kick both Tumi and Natalya off the boat at Below Deck Med

Amid Tumi and Natalya’s endless drama, Captain Sandy warns them both that she will fire them if they don’t resolve their feud.

Captain Sandy was fed up with Tumi and Natalya’s constant arguments on Below Deck Med. According to the captain, the captain and the third person need to resolve their differences as soon as possible because she cannot run a ship where the crew members do not get along.

In Season 8, Episode 4, Captain Sandy decides that it’s time to put his foot down. Underscoring the danger of the situation, she told the crew members that if they failed to sort their beef, she would have no choice but to fire them both.

Captain Sandy warns Tumi and Natalya that they could be fired if they continue to fight on Below Deck Med

The most central plot so far of Below Deck Med Season 8 revolves around Tumi and Natalya’s never-ending drama.

From the moment they met, the crew members were at each other’s throats. Since then, Natalya has refused to let bygones be bygones. As in Episode 4, the third stew took every opportunity to complain about his leader.

When the two got into a heated argument about cleaning, Captain Sandy finally intervened. She pulled the two women aside to give them a stern warning. She says if they don’t solve their problems, she will kick them both off the boat.

Below Deck Med fans have a lot to say about the feud between Tumi and Natalya. While some fans sided with Natalya, others sided with Team Tumi.

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Taking to Instagram Below Deck Med, one fan commented: “Natalya (and I usually like her) unfortunately made herself look worse than what Kyle said about her. Was hoping she and Tumi could get together but Natalya made that impossible.”

Another fan agreed, writing: “Nat poisons the boat and is relentlessly negative. She has a foul mouth and is also very aggressive.” They went on to add: “Tumi is doing what she can – could some things be handled better? Correct. But Nat is terrible.”

However, others feel like Tumi instigated this drama writing, “Tumi comes with negative emotions.”

Stay tuned to Below Deck Med to see if Captain Sandy keeps Tumi and Natalya on board.

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