Car crashes into Twitch Streamer in shocking clip

Twitch Streamer Stephanie was live streaming from France when a car slowly drove into her, nearly knocking her over.

StephanieQuatro is an IRL streamer who viewers can find, as stated in her Twitch bio, “EVERYWHERE. In the city? At the gym? At a party? Disneyland?! Haunted church…stop talking.”

Stephanie livestreamed her adventures in Malaga, Spain. But the unthinkable happened while she was eating and talking on Twitch chat.

The car crashed into the streamer

StephanieQuatro is streaming IRL as usual, showing viewers everyday aspects of her life. She was sitting at a bar table at night when a car started slowly backing towards her.

The car then continuously backed up until it crashed into the transmitter’s seat. Stephanie noticed as the car approached just in time to avoid flipping over. She jumped out of her chair, shocked at what had happened.

A man then ran up to the car and kicked it when the driver realized his mistake and backed away.

Even though he crashed into her, the driver still tried to reverse the car a second time correctly.

Redditor reacts to livestreaming car accident

Viewers on the Reddit forum r/LivestreamFail react to the car accident.

Redditors’ conversation mainly revolved around the driver trying to reverse the car a second time and the man jumping up and kicking the car nearly hitting Stephanie.

“haha, i like the second try.”

“Finally the car went into reverse. The car ended up going backwards.”

The man who kicked out the car was praised for the force of the blow.

“What a great kick, he dented that car.”

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Unwanted livestream interactions have also happened to larger streamers like xQc, who was stopped and harassed for nearly 10 minutes by a TikTok troll in London before a Sidemen charity match.

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