Charli D’Amelio bleached her eyebrows and fans thought she was “destroyed”

Charli D’Amelio got her eyebrows waxed in a new video and fans are praising the influencer for the change.

When it comes to the world of influencer content and logos, their look and image can be just as important as their content when it comes to their overall brand. So it often becomes big news when a social media star changes her hairstyle, fashion style, etc.

Charli D’Amelio is going viral on social media after a new video she posted regarding her latest transformation. The young TikToker and influencer recently revealed her brand new bleached eyebrows and fans aren’t sure how they feel about the new look.

Charli recently uploaded a new TikTok video, where the star revealed her plans to wax her eyebrows and shared the final results in the final moments of the clip.

With Charli’s naturally dark hair and signature features, the bleached eyebrows give the influencer a completely fresh look and stand out significantly against her dark hair.

The TikTok, which currently has 2.7 million views and is climbing the rankings, has been shared and commented on by many of D’Amelio’s fans. It all involved social media users sharing their thoughts and reactions to Charli’s new look.

Overall, the reception to Charli’s bleached eyebrows was very positive, with fans commenting on the video that she was “slaying” and that the bleached eyebrows “really look very Pretty”.

“NO IT LOOKS AMAZING IT GIVES YOU KATE MOSS EYES,” one TikToker wrote. Another commented “girl why does it eat?”

However, a few were convinced by the change, writing on TikTok “What did you do Charli” in response to the unveiling of her new bleached bow.

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Time will tell if bleached eyebrows will become a Charli staple and if the influencer decides to make another big change to her look as 2024 rolls around .

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