Chị gái Hoa hậu Đặng Thu Thảo ẩn ý Thùy Tiên sẽ “lép vế” khi đứng cạnh em gái, ai ngờ bị phanh phui chi tiết thẩm mỹ

The sharing of Miss Ocean Dang Thu Thao’s older sister is attracting a lot of attention.

For many years, Dang Thuy Trang has been known to many people as the older sister of Miss Ocean Dang Thu Thao. Even though she is not active in showbiz like her younger sister, she is always restrained by shocking statements and a series of extremely intense fights with Miss Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien or Miss World Peace 2017 – Phuong Pear.

At the present time, her life is receiving special attention. Until recently, Dang Thuy Trang had a live broadcast to share about the noise with Thuy Tien.

Notably, she also strongly recognized Dang Thu Thao’s beauty when Thuy Tien’s side was superior.

Specifically, Dang Thuy Trang said: “That said. I’m ready to serve her one step further. There are many people who are successful thanks to their ugliness. But there are beautiful people who only have it for a while.

I firmly believe that my sister standing with that girl is an optimistic girl. I believe that. Because a natural beauty and a cosmetic beauty are different.”

However, soon after, netizens opened fire and argued that Dang Thuy Trang was too confident because Thuy Tien is also a very beautiful queen. On that side, some people also dug up the image of Miss Ocean Dang Thu Thao who had cosmetic surgery and had liposuction on her belly. Thus, what she shared must not be true.

3 Miss Ocean Dang Thu Thao’s older sister thinks her sister is more beautiful than Thuy Tien

Dang Thu Thao has been proven by technique

Thuy Tien is a beautiful and talented Queen

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