Chỗ Ngồi Nào Trên Máy Bay tốt và xấu nhất?

The best seats on the plane are the business class seats. So which seat on the machine is considered the most valuable?

Choosing a good seat on the plane helps increase your sense of satisfaction with the trip, especially when you experience a long journey.

A good location brings the most comfort, convenience and safety. That’s why when buying airline tickets, many passengers spend extra money to buy the seat they want.

So, which seat on the machine is the best and most expensive? The Insider site outlines the following positions based on the experiences of subsequent members in the short term.

Which seat on the plane is best?

Rows of seats near the emergency exit

If you sit in this row, you will easily escape when the machine has a problem. Quiet and spacious, tall people can sit comfortably.

Many people believe that the row of seats near the emergency exit is the best position on the plane because you will be able to sit close to the next beautiful members.

Which seat on the plane is best? Many people think that these are the rows next to the emergency exits.

Sitting in the emergency exit seat, you will have to assist the next member to open the door in case of emergency. Therefore, this row of seats is often prioritized for healthy people. Old people, young children and pregnant women are usually not allowed to sit here.

Rows of seats only have two seats

Many small aircraft are configured to create only two seats per row. According to the next members, these are good seats because one will be placed next to the window, the other is by the way.

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This way, everyone’s space will be more comfortable and no one will have to sit in the middle – the least desirable position.

However, that means that on this plane, every seat is very good, so to answer the question of the best seat on the plane, other factors need to be evaluated.

The seats are on the server side

People sitting in the front row are usually more affectionate and less shocked than the last few planes. Not to mention that because it is close to the door, the act of boarding and getting off the plane is also very convenient, without having to wait long. When flight attendants serve food, drinks or cold towels, they will be served first

The seats in the middle

This area can be considered minimal if the aircraft passes through turbulence, as it is in the center. However, this seat has the disadvantage of being noisier because it is close to the engine.

The middle row of seats is the area level with the plane’s wings and is considered the most stable area of ​​the plane.

Space inside the window

In terms of beautiful scenery, this is the best seat on the plane and is chosen by most people. It has a beautiful view, you can watch the clouds and the scenery at the take-off and landing place. You can also lean against the partition to sleep peacefully, without being stopped by people sitting next to you when they want to leave their seats or come back.

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Which seat on the cash register is the best?

Out center

In any place, the middle saddle is also the place with the most money. People sitting here will feel comfortable because they are sandwiched between two other people, the handrails on both sides are often used by “neighbors” and sometimes they have to sit with their arms folded in front of them.

According to the schedule when flying, the person sitting in the middle should have priority to put their hands on the shelf next to them. If you are traveling on a wide-body plane, each row has 9 rows divided into three rows. When you must use the middle seat, you should choose the middle seat of the middle row so as not to cause trouble if people want to get up to practice or use the restroom.

If you must sit in the middle, choose saddles in the middle of the chain for less inconvenience.

Experience right in front or behind the partition

People in front of the partition cannot recline to sit comfortably. Seats in the middle of the plane prioritize families with young children because the space in front is enough to place a crib. If you don’t want to hear the sound of streams throughout the flight, you can balance this position.

Seat near the toilet

In addition, when sitting here, you often have to be bothered by people waiting in line to use the restroom. This place is noisier than other locations.

People sitting in the aisles of this area are often people who accidentally walk in, affecting their sleep. The only advantage is that you don’t need to line up if you want to go to the bathroom.

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The ultimate computer bay

This location is noisy, noisy, far from the center. This is also usually the seat near the toilet, right in front of the partition.


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