Comedian Kathy Griffin says Kanye West is “100% abusive” of his wife Bianca Censori

Comedian Kathy Griffin expressed her concern for Kanye West’s wife, Bianca Censori, saying she believes West is controlling her voice and eccentric clothing choices.

Kathy Griffin isn’t afraid to share her bold opinions. She’s also a comedian, so really no one is safe when it comes to her quick words.

Although she was criticized in 2017 for her comments about former US President Donald Trump, Griffin has now returned to TikTok, where she shares her thoughts on other controversial topics .

However, her latest comments about Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censori have many fans siding with Griffin after she claimed West was “abusing” Censori.

Instagram: dailymailKathy Griffin claims that Kanye West is controlling Bianca Censori’s voice and outfit.

TikTok agrees that Kanye West is “abusing” his wife Bianca Censori

After West and Censori displayed odd behavior and bizarre outfit choices while abroad in Italy, comedian Kathy Griffin couldn’t keep quiet about her opinion on the ‘Can’ rapper’s relationship t Tell Me Nothing’ and respected architect.

Griffin first captioned his viral TikTok video saying: “Trigger warning: I discuss the potential for abuse in this video. I can not help it. I worry. I don’t even know this woman, but I’m still worried.”

She then went on to express that she felt West was controlling Censori, saying, “I really think he’s physically abusing her — and at least, 100% I think he’s mentally abusing her.” her.”

Griffin also explained that her late brother was accused of abusing his wife just to “humiliate” her. She then told her brother’s story with West asking Censori to supposedly “serve” him while on a boat in Venice, Italy, saying, “So when I saw the woman women don’t have this voice… I just think… the smell of abuse.”

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Additionally, the comedian commented on how she felt West was forcing Censori to wear revealing and barely-there outfits, explaining that she thought West did the same thing to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian .

Many who saw Griffin’s video expressing concern took her side, with one user saying: “As someone who was in a domestic violence relationship and met Bianca before Kanye – she has changed .”

Others agreed and said: “As someone who has seen things like this all my life, I think you’re right. Especially with Kanye’s track record.”

Also, “You did it right… The biggest red flag is that we never heard her voice or got a feel for her personhood.”

One fan even said they thought Kardashian refused to leave West because of his alleged abuse, saying, “I think Kim hasn’t talked about how mistreated he is because of his children.” she.”

Neither West nor Censori have spoken about their Italian adventure yet. However, sources close to Censori have stated that they have tried to contact her to no avail, giving fans even more reason to believe that something is wrong.

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