Corinna Kopf slams “immature losers” who leave “bizarre” comments on her photos

Streamer and OnlyFans star Corinna Kopf has had enough of “loser” trolls leaving “bizarre” comments on her photos with vulgar assumptions about her.

Corinna Kopf is a famous Kick streamer, influencer, and OnlyFans model who earns millions of dollars every month through multiple revenue streams.

Boasting millions of fans across multiple social platforms, Kopf has amassed quite an empire for himself over the course of his career… but being an internet star isn’t always sunshine and rose.

Kopf recently felt the need to attack trolls who were inserting comments below her photos online, saying she was tired of the assumptions these critics kept making about her. .

Instagram: corinnakopfCorinna Kopf is a popular Kick streamer and OnlyFans creator.

Kopf is a celebrity and as such, she is often seen posing with various people in the many photos she posts on social media.

However, because she’s the highest-earning OnlyFans model, trolls like to make the assumption that she’s somehow closely connected to all of them – and she’s had enough of these comments .

“Most of you aren’t weird, immature losers, but the fact that two or three people commented, ‘Oh, she took pictures with like four guys in the span of two weeks, she had sex with all of them,’ which is absolutely crazy,” she said in a SnapChat video.

“Like, the fact that you have the logic that I can’t actually hang out with people of the opposite sex or take pictures with them without doing something sexual with them is really weird.”

Corrina Kopf reveals incomeInstagram: corinnakopfKopf says she’s had enough of “weird” commenters making assumptions under her photos.

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This isn’t the first time Kopf has spoken out about something like this. In fact, she’s a loyal protector of Logan Paul’s fiance, Nina Agdal, who is currently receiving the same treatment on a much larger scale thanks to mixed martial artist Dillon Danis.

While Kopf is clearly tired of these kinds of comments, she’s not afraid to accommodate more interesting fan requests – like one viewer who offered her $175k to bet foot on his face for an hour.

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