Customers share DoorDasher “retirement photos” after their orders were stolen

Published: 2024-03-31T04:43:00 ❘ Updated: 2024-03-31T04:43:13

One DoorDash customer shared the “retirement photo” they received as a delivery confirmation after their Dasher held the order for themselves.

There are many stories of DoorDash delivery workers engaging in wild behavior. With many DoorDash customers sharing their unpleasant experiences with the food ordering app on Reddit.

According to one customer’s post, their Dasher kept their order, then sent them a brazen photo of their food on the passenger seat of the Dasher’s car as proof of delivery.

“The DoorDash driver pulled up to my house, marked the order as delivered, stole it, and uploaded it here as a delivery location.” User HamAndCheese527 titled their thread on the r/mildlyinfuriating subreddit.

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“This is a retirement photo,” one subreddit user replied. Many others also agreed that Dashers should be aware of the consequences of sending fraudulent confirmation photos.

The other comments tried to give the OP some useful advice. One came from a McDonald’s manager. They told them to “call the store you are ordering from and tell them what happened. Most McDonald’s have the right to ban people from entering their stores.”

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This information came as a surprise to other thread participants, with one person saying they felt it was “something DoorDash could make more people aware of…”

While DoorDash has policies in place to ensure customers are compensated when situations like this occur, some customers in the chain said they found them inadequate.

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