Daej And His Sister Viral Video Twitter Clip Leave Reddit Scandalized!

The blockade plays an important role in bringing fame to many people because at that time people are free and they don’t have much to do, which ends up making them spend most of their time on social media. which they use to post various content and accumulate a large fan following. Although it is not easy to increase the number of followers as one needs to be regular and consistent on social media. But sometimes some of their content goes viral and makes them the center of attention. One such social media personality made headlines after a video of him with his sister posted on Reddit and Twitter and it’s now going viral on other platforms as well.

Viral video of Daej and his sister

Viral video of Daej and his sister

The video belonging to Daej and his sister is currently causing a stir on social media. However, the video has been removed, but some people still download it and share it with each other. This video came out quite shocking to many people as both of them had shameful behavior and that’s why it was removed from the social network. Despite knowing that it is illegal to share private content without permission, many people still do it and end up violating Internet rules. Now talking about viral video, it was first posted on Twitter and then went viral on other platforms as well.

Daej and his sister go to hell. Children of Sin!!!

— (@pluslashe) March 27, 2023

Within seconds, it also started trending on another website. As we mentioned above, both were seen doing something inappropriate, ostensibly sexual, which some people found offensive. Users on Twitter immediately called for the video to be removed, and some people reported it. Twitter took down the video, but before that, it went viral and was viewed by thousands of people. Reports said that when the video was taken down from Twitter, it started going viral on Reddit.

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– allison Yescas (@AllisonYescas) March 27, 2023

Once again it popped up and accumulated millions of views. Not only this but Reddit users also felt offended after watching it and some calls or requests to ban Daej from using the social network. It is not known who posted this video but this fact has created a lot of controversy. Some reports said the video was posted from Daejhasirizz’s Twitter account, which has now also been deleted. Everyone is waiting for Daej’s statements regarding this matter, but he has not yet commented. The incident has raised concerns about the safety of minors on social media and demands for stricter content rules.

Viral video of Daej and his sister

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