Daniel Khalife Family and Parents: UK police catch terror suspect after prison escape

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Daniel Khalife

Daniel Khalife’s family and parents

Daniel Khalife, who briefly held the title of Britain’s most sought-after man this week, and his twin sister were both born in Westminster in 2001. He is British and his paternal relatives are Lebanese. He was a child when his parents divorced. Mr. Khalife spent his formative years in and around the Kingston upon Thames neighborhood in southwest London. He attended nearby Teddington Comprehensive School, where he achieved good grades and left after getting his GCSEs in 2018. Those who were present when he spoke to BBC News don’t remember any of this. What could have led them to believe that he would later become a wanted terrorist suspect.

Daniel Khalife

He is described as being quite funny, like any other teenager, and does not misbehave with his former classmates. Mr. Khalife is also known for his penchant for running away, which may have come in handy during his escape. One classmate told BBC News, “He simply did it like most of us did. “He’s very good socially. He is not particularly reclusive in social situations. He has acquaintances. Since the prison break, everyone has experienced the same shock. It is simply astonishing. It was completely unpredictable.

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Daniel Khalif's parents

Before his arrest, another person commented: “I can tell you some interesting things… He is not a terrorist, I can assure you of that. He doesn’t know where his elbow is from his butt. He won the school’s 100 meter race and they couldn’t catch him. He joined the Army after graduating from high school and was posted to the Royal Regiment of Signals at MOD Stafford. The site is home to the Defense Electronics and Components Agency as well as some of the most advanced technology and communications operations used by the British military. He continued running there, at least for a while, and joined a running club for military families.

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