De Que Gloria Maria Morreu Maria: Journalist and TV icon, dies in Rio

We were shocked to learn that the famous Brazilian journalist Glória Maria is no longer among us. Yes, she left. According to reports, famous Brazilian journalist Glória Maria passed away on Thursday, February 2, 2023. Since the news of her death appeared online, it has caused a stir and caused controversy. sent shock waves to the people. Meanwhile, her admirers and her family members were devastated. They are currently trying to process her death. It will take time to get rid of the grief. But a lot of people are looking for what happened to Glória Maria or how the journalist died. There are a series of questions being asked by fans. So, we came up with this article to help you understand her better. So, pay attention to this page and have a look at the sections placed below. Scroll down the page.

De Que Gloria Maria Morreu Maria

Maria Gloria Morreu

As mentioned, several questions remain to be answered, the first being on the list “who confirmed or shared the news of Glória Maria’s death first?” We learned about her death through a statement issued by TV Globo. It stated, “we are deeply saddened to announce the death of our colleague, journalist Glória Maria.”Scroll down the page and read more details about her.

The next important aspect of this story is the illness or cause of death of Glória Maria. What was the cause of Glória Maria’s death? She had a history of chronic illness, but the real cause of the journalist icon’s death was brain metastasis. That’s right, brain metastases caused Glória Maria to pass away on Thursday, February 2, 2023. Copa Star Hospital located in Rio South Zone also issued a similar statement. Scroll down the page and read about Glória Maria’s illness.

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As mentioned, she has a history of chronic illness, Glória Maria was diagnosed with lung cancer. In 2019, a journalist in Rio was diagnosed with lung cancer. She received medical treatment and underwent immunotherapy. While battling lung cancer and receiving immunotherapy, the journalist was diagnosed with metastatic disease in the brain. Due to brain metastases, Glória Maria had to have successful surgery. It is known that she recently started a new round of treatment to combat new brain metastases but unfortunately, she passed away suddenly on Thursday morning. Please scroll down the page and read more details regarding Glória Maria’s death.

De Que Gloria Maria Morreu

Sources said the Brazilian journalist icon also stopped working before his death. She was busy with medical treatment which took her away from her profession. According to reports, Glória Maria breathed her last at Copa Star Hospital located in South Rio. This station said: “In the middle of last year [2022]Glória Maria started a new phase of treatment to combat new brain metastases, which, unfortunately, was discontinued in recent days and Glória passed away this morning, at Copa Star Hospital, in the Western Region. South of Rio,” Swipe down the page and read more details.

Following her death, people paid tribute to her on social media by recalling her personality and illustrious career that she enjoyed for over four decades. Sergio Santos wrote, “How beautiful Jornal Nacional pays homage to Glória Maria. There are more than 50 minutes of stories and testimonials from the enormous orbit of one of journalism’s greatest icons. It did justice to the scale that this journalist devoted to television, to the public and to all colleagues. Long live Gloria!”

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Additionally, Jornal Nacional quoted: “All of us, Gloria Maria’s colleagues, are aware that no tribute can be worthy of all that she represented. But we tried. The epilogue of #JN (2) this Thursday is a tribute to the iconic Brazilian TV journalist” And Chico Pinheiro said, “Bless my dear Gloria Maria, whom I met 45 years ago at @tvglobo -BH, inspire us with your winning story. May it be an example for many black girls to be able to win. Glory is the offering on the day of Yemanja. Under the sea, the answer to the question of Mystery! TEAR”

Talking about Glória Maria’s early life, her birth name was Glória Maria Matta Da Silva. She was born to parents Cosme Braga da Silva and Edna Alves Matta in Rio. Her father was a tailor and her mother was a housewife. In addition, Glória Maria also studied in public schools. In an interview, Glória Maria said she learned English, Latin and French and won all the writing competitions at school. “I learned English, French and Latin and won all the writing competitions at school” The Brazilian journalist leaves behind two daughters, Laura and Maria. Laura is 14 years old and Maria is 15 years old. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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