Delivery driver went viral thanking his favorite customers on his last day of work

A delivery driver is going viral on TikTok after a woman’s doorbell camera recorded him sending her family a heartfelt thank you message on his last day of work.

Delivery services are more popular than ever in the wake of the global health crisis, and it’s no surprise that being a delivery driver can be a challenging job.

Trying to deliver on time in hot weather and heavy traffic can be a tall order — but sometimes, customers can keep the driver happy by having bottles of water ready or even Even snacks.

That’s exactly what TikToker and mom ‘JoyNtheJourney’ does for her neighborhood delivery drivers. In fact, the majority of her content is from her front doorbell camera, showing her front porch with a cooler filled with snacks and drinks for hard-working drivers on a hot summer day. Victoria KubiakiA delivery driver is taking social media by storm for his wholesome goodbye message to his favorite customer on his last day of work.

Delivery driver thanks favorite customer on last day of work in viral video

Joy’s TikTok videos have garnered millions of views, but her latest upload is taking social media by storm after a driver left her and her family a wholesome message.

In the video uploaded on September 17, a delivery driver ran up to Joy’s porch and announced that, although he did not deliver to her house, he wanted to thank her for being one of her customers. His favorite goods on his route.

According to the driver, this was his last day of work and said that his company had fired his delivery service provider.

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“Sorry, I don’t have any packages for you today, but this is my last day,” he explained. “They fired my DPS. I have to come get a snack. I appreciate you all.”

“You all have been the best house I’ve worked with all year,” he continued, reaching into the refrigerator to grab some snacks. “So I’m saying, I hope you have a beautiful life…and hopefully we’ll meet again one day.”

“To our driver friend: We’d love for you to keep stopping by even if you’re not on the clock,” Joy captioned the c;ip TikTok. “You’re welcome anytime! We really appreciate everything. Please message us if you get a chance so we can keep in touch!

The driver’s message went viral on social media, attracting more than 35 million views in just four days as commenters flocked in with well wishes for the driver.

“I don’t know why, but this makes me a little sad!” one user wrote.

“In fact he even thought about stopping by,” another wrote. “He doesn’t just come for snacks, you all mean something to him.”

“The words ‘hopefully we’ll meet again someday’ hurt my feelings a bit,” said another.

This is just the latest delivery story to go viral after a Domino’s driver approached a customer to request a delivery when the pizzeria was next door.

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