Delta Airlines flying dog reunites with owner after three weeks missing

A dog that was supposed to be on a Delta Airlines flight was missing for three weeks and was reunited with his owner after being found hiding at the Atlanta airport.

Harrison-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is considered the busiest airport in the United States. Last year alone, the Georgia-based airport handled at least 45.4 million passengers.

So when Paulina Rodriguez planned to travel with her dog Maia from the Dominican Republic to California, stopping in Atlanta, she never could have imagined that her dog would go missing amid all the chaos. chaotic.

While Maia was lost, Rodriguez took to her Instagram to inform the public about her missing puppy, saying: “She is not only my dog ​​but also my best friend me on earth”.

Instagram: pcrod A woman flying Delta Airlines lost her dog en route and reunited with her three weeks after being missing.

Maia was found hiding near the cargo area at the Atlanta airport

Although Rodriguez was assured by Delta Airlines that Maia would be present at the facility she was transported to when Rodriguez traveled, Maia was not there when Rodriguez appeared to stand in solidarity with her.

Rodriguez later stated on his Instagram, “Delta took her away from me even though I kindly asked them to… She was my emotional support, she crashed, broke her crib and ran into the street airport expressway.”

Delta Airlines then contacted Rodriguez a few days later to say Maia had escaped from her crib on the airport ramp and ran away.

Rodriguez then took to social media again to say: “I am truly desperate and every minute counts… To clarify, I am not in Atlanta and I have no way to get there right now, but I have people will arrive at ATL and will be directly at the airport very soon.”

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Luckily for the hopeful dog owner, the miraculous discovery of Maia hiding in the north warehouse at ATL airport happened on September 9, three weeks after she went missing .

After Rodriguez reunited with Maia, the Atlanta airport took to Twitter to update the public, saying: “ATL Operations Team found her hiding near the northern cargo facilities.”

They continued: “Tired, but obviously in good health. She has been referred to the vet and is expected to return home soon.”

Rodriguez has not commented since reuniting with Maia, however, she took to Instagram to share a photo of her and Maia at the beach shortly after she was found.

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