Denise Frazier Parents: TikToker Arrested For Dog Assault

Denise Frazier was reportedly arrested for filming a dog video. What does she do? Everyone wanted to know more about her parents. You will get complete details about her parents in this article. Read on for more details.

Video of Denise Frazier's dog

Why was Denise Frazier arrested?

Denise Frazier was detained by the Sheriff’s Department in Mississippi. She is a 19 year old young girl. She posted a video of herself being detained by the police. The video shows her having sex with her dog. She posted the video to TikTok. She is a famous TikToker. People started debating about her video and about herself after news of the arrest started spreading.

Many people have made memes. While others were also offended by the video and spread hate. Certain types of comments were included in video-related posts. Denise Frazier resides in Mississippi. Everyone also wanted to know about her parents. We don’t have much information about her parents yet. Everyone is talking about her being arrested.

Video of Denise Frazier's dog

Who are Denise Frazier’s parents?

Denise Frazier was arrested for posting inappropriate videos on social media. The news is spreading. Her videos are also trending. Everyone wanted to know more about her parents. Unfortunately, she hasn’t mentioned anything about her parents yet. We don’t have much information about their names. Video and photos show the attack. She was arrested for having sex with a dog and spreading the same on social networks.

Sources mentioned that her car crashed near Myrick. She was standing on the side of the road with a German dog. She was accused of having unnatural sex. She was said to be charged on April 5, 2023. She could be jailed for 10 years if convicted. The neighbor called the police after seeing the video. Many people also believe that Denise admitted to the acts performed in the video. While it is also said that she was forced to do the same.

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An investigation has been carried out but the above has not yet been verified. This type of case is unique and also disgusting to hold, as Carter mentioned. The dog was removed from her home and is now at the veterinary hospital. An adult German shepherd, Gunther, and a puppy, Luke were taken to the veterinary hospital. German Shepherds are known as Service Dogs. Gunther has experienced trauma. She has been accused of animal cruelty. It’s all about the arrest of Denise Frazier. We will keep you updated as the case continues to unfold.

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