Did KSI leave Prime? Logan Paul’s actions on Twitter backfire

There are many types of drinks available in the market but we all have our own drinking preferences. However, most drinks are unhealthy and they contain a lot of chemicals and sugar but we still drink them. There are many flavors and drinks from different brands that claim to be good but we all know how much they affect our body. In addition, there are many drinks created for athletes and they are considered healthy. “PRIME” is currently one of the most heavily advertised drinks in the sports world.

KSI leaves Prime

Is KSI leaving Prime?

This is the most convincing creator-made brand on the market owned by Logan Paul and KSI. This energy drink promoted itself as a hydrating beverage brand and was shipped worldwide in just under thirteen months, making it a multi-million dollar business. JJ and Logan become part of the force in 2022 to come out with their own PRIME hydration drink brand. The brand is in the news again, but this time for a different reason.

Recently in an interview, Logan told how KSI almost cut back on the start of production and how the company almost had to cover huge losses that cost them hundreds of millions of dollars . Recently, UFC declared this drink as their official drink. After asking KSI to reveal that he had questions regarding his partnership, he further mentioned that everything around him happened too fast for him to get through. Now people want to know if the UFC-sponsored drink will continue without KSI after the devastating loss.

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KSI leaves Prime

Who is KSI?

You may have heard this name for the first time, but he is quite famous on social networks. His real name is “JJ” Olatunji but he is popularly known as KSI. He is a famous content creator. He has many successful channels on the video making app Youtube. Besides Youtube, he is also a rising star in the boxing industry. At the time of starting the production or creation of the “PRIME” hydration drink, KSI had confusion about his partnership with Paul Logan and he wanted out of the project. He himself stated this, in an interview, Logan said that KSI will exit the group chat they created on WhatsApp and that at that time 10 million bottles of PRIME were being produced. If he quits this beverage project midway, the company will suffer a loss of $100 million.

I will take it. laugh

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Logan Paul, Andre Berto, Jake Shields, Sean O’Malley, Paulo Costa, Nate Diaz and Cris Cyborg are all here #PaulSilva! pic.twitter.com/06uPIJks4p

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