Dillon Danis outraged by PPV point deal for match against Logan Paul

Dillon Danis stirred up the mood ahead of his clash with Logan Paul, claiming he received no ‘PPV points’ despite insisting that he “single-handedly built the event”.

The ‘Prime Card’ event, scheduled for October 14 at the AO Arena in Manchester, UK, sold out within hours and it wasn’t just Danis and Logan Paul fighting. YouTube star KSI and boxer Tommy Fury were also in attendance, making it one of the most anticipated influential boxing events to date.

However, Danis stated that he will not receive PPV points for the match, which adds another layer to his already stiff rivalry with Logan Paul. “I did not receive any PPV points. Can you believe that? I built this event by myself,” Danis tweeted.

PPV score is basically a portion of the sales revenue paid per view. Boxers often negotiate these in their contracts as a way to earn extra money beyond their guaranteed amount. The more followers, the bigger the salary. It is a common activity in both boxing and MMA and can sometimes be a significant part of a boxer’s total income.

So it’s easy to see why Danis is disappointed. While the specifics of his contract are still unknown, missing out on PPV points is akin to missing out on a money-making opportunity — especially for an event he claims to have been “alone for.” build”.

The financial tweet adds another layer to the ongoing feud between Danis and Paul. For weeks, Danis made insulting comments to Paul’s fiancée, Nina Adgal. Most of Paul remained unfazed by Danis’ antics.

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However, Paul returned fire in a different way, announcing Mike Perry as a reserve fighter in case Danis decided to be absent. Paul even went as far as to stare at Mike Perry at the pre-match press conference shortly after Danis was dropped from the stage.

Whether Danis’ tweet is a negotiation tactic, a real complaint, or just a way to get us all to keep talking, Danis sure knows how to get attention.

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