Discord “accidentally” viewbots a YouTube video with more than 500 million views

Published: 2024-04-02T04:26:23 ❘ Updated: 2024-04-02T04:26:36

Discord “accidentally” viewbotted a YouTube video with over 500 million views and counting, and in the process, also seemingly broke part of YouTube itself.

On April Fool’s Day 2024, Discord announced a new addition to its app, loot box. A completely free feature for users to try out for the day, it essentially offers a number of cosmetic items, all themed around a clown. The idea is to mock people who take the time to open loot boxes in the first place.

However, when adding the new feature, Discord seemingly accidentally miswatched their announcement video about loot boxes, causing a staggering amount of views on YouTube.

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First pointed out by Marvin Witt, a software developer and Discord Dataminer, he highlighted how Discord’s announcement video about loot boxes has reached over 100 million views.

“Discord attempted to create a working YouTube viewbot in 2024 by looping their lootbox announcement trailer in the background of the in-app toast.”

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Basically, if you open Discord after adding a loot box, you will now receive an in-app notification about the new feature and in the notification there is an announcement video. And it seems like every new user who opens their Discord app and sees the notification, it adds more views to the YouTube video.

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However, Witt also pointed out that this was most likely an accidental exploit by Discord developers, posting a screenshot of the employee saying: “How the heck is this video getting so many views?”

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DiscordViews are continuing to increase for Discord video.

However, it seems like it’s causing problems for the YouTube platform itself. If you go to Discord’s YouTube channel and sort their videos by most popular, it ranks as the lowest viewed video on the channel, despite having over 500 million views at the time of writing post.

In fact, when we started writing this article, the view count was at 340 million views and in just over an hour surpassed 500 million.

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Discord’s videos are on track to beat some of the highest-viewed videos on the platform in just 24 hours at this rate.

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