Don Lewis(Carole Baskin Husband): Wiki, Bio, Age, Dissapearance, Wife, Death

Don Lewis(Carole Baskin’s Husband): Wiki, Biography, Age, Missing, Wife, Children, Death, Birthday, Birthplace, Zodiac, Net Worth, Parents, Education: Don Lewis is a The missing American disappeared on August 18, 1997 after leaving his home. His case has been investigated for a long time and there is no trace of murder of any kind. However, at the time Don was well known as the Husband of American Activist Carole Baskin, and his disappearance was linked to the reserve he co-owned with his wife, Carole Baskin. However, it has recently appeared in the headlines that he is alive and has been found. Keep reading this article to know more about his life and other personal details.

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Don Lewis

Don Lewis Birthday, Age, Birthplace, Zodiac

Don was born on April 30, 1938 as Jack Donald Lewis. He was 59 years old when he disappeared on August 18, 1997. He was born and raised in Dade City, Florida, USA. Born on April 30, his Sun or Zodiac sign is Taurus. He is a millionaire and owns his own Animal Sanctuary called “Wildlife on Gentle Street”.

Don Lewis Parents, Siblings, Education

Don was born in Dade City, Florida, and is a native of this place. His parents’ names or their occupations are not known. It is also not known if he has any siblings. He finished his education at Pasco High School and later graduated from the University of Georgia.

Don Lewis Career, Easy Street Wild Life

Lewis has developed a career through his trucking, real estate and used car businesses and has earned millions of dollars. By 1981, he had established a business in real estate, used cars, and other things. He is a growing businessman and deals with many reputable business partners. After he met Carole Baskin and the two got married, they co-founded an Animal Sanctuary called “Wildlife on Easy Street” which aimed to save the “Big Cats” or Tigers. However, they clash over how to run the sanctuary because he wants to breed cats and run it like a business while Carole wants it to be a nonprofit charity. Later, he also became a hoarder of second-hand goods and used cars, which Carole considered an illness even though Lewis’ business associates disagreed with her. He also owns a number of planes and used to fly them even though his Pilot’s License was cancelled.

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Don Lewis

Don Lewis Disappearance, Investigation, Suspect, Death

Lewis disappeared on August 18, 1997 after leaving his home in Tampa, Costa Rica for an early morning delivery. However, he didn’t come back then and got lost. The police were notified and they started an investigation. On August 20, 1989, the Truck he was driving on the day of his disappearance was found 40 miles from his sanctuary. The Bureau of Investigation thoroughly investigated the place and found no trace of foul play. Lewis left a fortune of more than $5 million, which led to a dispute between his second wife, Carole Baskin, and his children from his first marriage.

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As part of the investigation, Don’s Children took a lie detector test, but Carole Baskin refused to take the test. That raises many suspicions that she may have killed her husband while they were having a quarrel at the time of his disappearance. However, the Investigation Team said they did not have a single piece of evidence that would prove that Lewis was murdered or forcibly abducted. Then, in 2002, Lewis was declared legally dead and most of his estate passed to Baskin.

Police also reached out to the public to provide any clues about Lewis, who was widely known at the time as the “Tiger King” after the Netflix documentary series about his case. However, none of the sources they found were reliable. Recently, Carole Baskin revealed that she received an investigation from the Police Department that Lewis is still alive and living in Costa Rica, but his whereabouts have not been determined.

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Carole Baskin

Don Lewis Wife, Divorce, Children, Carole Baskin

Don was first married to Gladys Lewis Cross and had 3 daughters and 1 adopted son with her. However, Lewis is obsessed with sex and he also has many other girlfriends. On the other hand, Carole is married to her abusive husband, Michael Murdock. She met Lewis when she ran away from home one night to hide from her husband. Soon after, Lewis and Carole began a romantic relationship even though they were both married, and like many of Lewis’s girlfriends, she also helped him with the real estate business and sold used cars. use. The two married in 1991 after both divorced from their previous partner and co-founded their sanctuary. According to Carole, he was obsessed with sex and especially when she got her period.

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Mainly because of that, Lweis moved to Costa Rica and also transferred ownership of his property in Florida to a Costa Rican company controlled by him. However, after that, Carole and Lewis began to quarrel and threatened each other’s lives. Lewis applied for a restraining order against his wife, because she hid his gun and he felt that she was not allowing him to defend himself. Although she wanted a divorce, Carole Basking never took it seriously and never agreed to a divorce. She also stated that she thought he was suffering from Alzheimer’s.

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Lewis and Baskin

Don Lewis Height, Wright, Nationality, Net Worth

Lewis is 5 feet 10 inches tall or 1.79 meters or 179 centimeters. He weighs 76 Kg or 167 lbs. He has black eyes and white hair. Born and raised in Florida, USA, he holds American citizenship and holds American citizenship. His net worth can be estimated at 5-10 million dollars.

Here is Don Lewis’ full biography, age, date of birth, place of birth, zodiac sign, nationality, ethnicity, religion, caste, address, parents, father, mother, siblings, sister girl, brother, relationship status, girlfriend, wife, children, career, hobbies, height, weight, body measurements, eye color, hair color, nickname, net worth, etc

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Don Lewis bulletin board

NameJack Donald Lewis
NicknameDon Lewis
JobBusinessman, celebrity couple
Height (approx.)in centimeters – 179cm

meter – 1.79m

feet inches – 5ft 10in

Weight approx.)in kilograms – 76kg

in pounds – 167lbs

Figure MeasurementsUnavailable
Eye colorBlack
Hair colorWhite
Date of birthApril 30, 1938
Age (as of 1997)59 years
place of birthDade City, Florida, USA
Zodiac / Sun SignTaurus
HometownCity of Dade
SchoolPasco . High School
CollegeUniversity of Georgia
Academic levelGraduate
Legal death dateAugust 19, 2002
Disappearing DayAugust 18, 1997
Address (since last occurrence)Tampa, Florida, USA
Hobbies/Hobbiesdo not apply
Marital statusEver Divorced Now Married
Work/Boyfriend/Girlfriendunknown name
Parentsdo not apply
Siblings do not apply
Husband/Wife/Wife/HusbandGladys Lewis Cross

Carole Baskin

Children3 daughters and 1 adopted child
net value$5-10 million
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Millionaire’s social media account

He doesn’t have any social media accounts. However, you might know more about his Big Cat Rescue operation.

Little known facts about Tiger King

  • His name is also Bob Martinez.
  • His disappearance is covered in both installments of the crime documentary series Tiger King, which focuses on the feud between Baskin and Oklahoma-based private zoo owner Joe Exotic.
  • He used to have many girlfriends despite being married, who helped him with his real estate business and used car sales.
  • He is addicted to Sex.
  • His children theorized that he was killed by Carole Baskin and fed to the Tigers.
  • The US Department of Homeland Security announced that Don Lewis was still alive and well in Costa Rica recently.
  • He was declared legally dead on the 5th Anniversary of his disappearance, on August 19, 2002.

Frequently asked questions about Lewis

1) At what age did he go missing?

He was only 59 years old.

2) Did he and Carole Baskin get a divorce?

It was reported that Lewis wanted to divorce Carole, but she did not agree because she thought he was not serious.

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3) Does he have children with Baskin?

No, he has no children with Baskin.

4) Was he murdered?

There is no evidence that he was murdered.

5) Is he still alive?

According to some reports, he is still alive and living in Costa Rica.

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