Don’t Opt Into Telegram’s Free Premium Offer: Here’s Why

Telegram is offering Telegram Premium for free to some users, but it is very profitable.

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  • What is Telegram’s P2PL program?

  • Why you shouldn’t opt ​​in to Telegram’s peer-to-peer login program

Main lesson

  • Opting into Telegram’s P2PL program in exchange for a free Telegram Premium subscription may have financial and privacy implications.

  • Volunteering your number can lead to unwanted contacts from strangers and scammers.

  • If you have chosen to participate, there is a way to opt out of the program.

If you are a Telegram user on Android, you may have received a notification offering Telegram Premium for free in exchange for volunteering your phone number as part of the Peer-to-Peer (P2PL) Login Program. Telegram. But this offer is worthless if you consider the privacy and financial implications.

What is Telegram’s P2PL program?

The new program made headlines when users spotted a prompt in the app offering Telegram Premium for free. Telegram Info English shared the information on its Telegram channel, which was also posted on X by user AssembleDebug.

The program is endorsed by Telegram’s P2PL Terms of Service, which explains how the program works. The terms note that you can opt into the program in exchange for a Telegram Premium subscription:

“To help ensure that users in every region can reliably receive OTPs, Telegram offers a Peer-to-Peer Login Program (“P2PL”) that allows users to use the Telegram app directly for Android (“App Telegram app”) volunteered to provide their phone number as an SMS login code relay, in exchange for a Telegram Premium subscription.”

If you choose to participate, Telegram will use your phone number as a relay to send up to 150 OTP SMS messages per month to Telegram users receiving their verification codes. However, if you value your privacy (and your budget), you should stay away from the program.

Why you shouldn’t opt ​​in to Telegram’s peer-to-peer login program

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The first red flag of the terms is that by opting into the program, you will be covering the costs incurred from SMS yourself. These costs include “carrier rates, additional fees and any international SMS charges that may apply from time to time”.

Telegram also notes that they will not reimburse you for these fees at any time. Telegram Premium includes many benefits and features but don’t forget that it only costs $4.99 per month. However, the costs you incur from Telegram when using your number in the P2PL program are unlimited. For example, you may see these fees skyrocket if the majority of your 150 monthly SMS messages are for international SMS messages.

If you choose to participate, it’s entirely possible you’ll lose money, even with the savings from free Telegram Premium.

Then there is the issue of privacy. As Telegram’s terms note:

“Telegram cannot prevent the OTP recipient from seeing your phone number when receiving the SMS. You therefore acknowledge and agree that you have considered any and all potential consequences this may have out and you have taken the necessary precautions to minimize them as you see fit.”

This is another serious warning, especially since the terms state that you cannot hold Telegram liable for any “inconvenience, harassment, or harm resulting from unwanted actions.” , unauthorized or illegal by users who learned your phone number through P2PL”.

If you receive scam calls and unwanted marketing calls, you know the inconvenience that can occur when your number falls into the wrong hands—even if you’re careful not to reveal your number. me. Telegram’s P2PL program can cause your number to fall into the wrong hands.

All things considered, the drawbacks of volunteering your number seem to outweigh the benefits you can get from earning Telegram Premium for free. So if you’re an Android user who gets a prompt to join, you should stay away if you want to protect your privacy and your budget. This program could even be a reason to stop using Telegram.

If you have opted in, Telegram notes that you can withdraw funds. If you uninstall the application or log out of Telegram, this will be considered a withdrawal from the program.

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