Doordash customers are shaken after a driver vandalized the garage with an ominous message

After delivering food to someone’s door, DoorDash delivery drivers returned to write an ominous message on their garage – leaving customers vibrating with curiosity.

Typically, DoorDash drivers face more danger when delivering orders because they often work alone on the job.

However, for one DoorDash order, the customer was left shaken after their order was delivered, as their driver wrote a strange message on their garage.

Although the customer still wasn’t sure exactly what the message meant, she took her story to Reddit, allowing viewers to find out what the message meant.

Unsplash: marques thomasReddit has theorized what the strange message on a customer’s garage means.

DoorDash customer calls police on delivery driver

The Redditor, who shared her story to the platform, initially posted her experience, saying: “Ordered food today… Dasher came and took it away, but then wrote ‘514’ above my garage in permanent marker. It was all recorded on camera… I was really confused, laughing out loud.”

After leaving the ominous message on her garage, the woman shared that she called the police about the incident. However, the authorities did not name her, so the poster was not sure whether the case was taken seriously or not.

She also said she did not want to press charges: “My goal is not to get this person arrested, hurt, or in trouble. I’m not the only one living here and calling the police wasn’t my only decision.”

People who read her story offered many reasons for the strange number notice, saying, “It’s how people mark houses for later break-ins… They use their work are Dashers to zone houses.”

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While another pinpointed the answer to an obvious question, saying: “At first I thought he was angry because he couldn’t see your address on the street and wrote down your house number in a fit of rage. However, I assume your address is not 514 as you mentioned this.”

One fan even theorized that the delivery driver had stolen a previous order and needed a photo as proof of delivery, as the commenter shared that she had a similar experience. similar experience with them.

Others tried to clarify the situation, saying it was a message from the poster’s “Guardian Angel” and that the delivery person was trying to give her food confidence.

Although the Redditor never pressed charges, they did contact DoorDash, which resulted in Dasher being removed from the app. The poster also said that their partner will remove the numbers from the garage, hoping it won’t happen again.

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