DoorDash driver is confused after receiving an order for a single salt packet from McDonald’s

A DoorDash driver was confused after they read a very unusual order from a McDonald’s customer who only wanted a single packet of salt.

We’ve had some pretty crazy situations happen between delivery drivers and customers. In January, Wingstop customers were forced to cancel orders after being told their driver was 84 minutes away and had to walk.

Now, there’s another puzzling situation, as a DoorDash driver responds to an unusual delivery request from a McDonald’s customer.

We can see the order on the screen – for a packet of salt.

People weigh in on McDonald’s confusing DoorDash request

After the video was posted to TikTok, people were eager to give their thoughts.

“I’m crying – who needs salt so much?” asked a confused viewer. “Surely delivery is also $8,” another person speculated.

Many fast food employees said they had received similar delivery requests in the past, writing: “Previously, someone ordered a sweet and sour cup, so just for fun, we put it in the smallest box and then delivered the larger one.” . bag.”

“One time someone ordered a packet of syrup and I filled a bag full of it.”

One person questioned the DoorDash driver’s behavior, asking: “Why don’t you at least call the customer to verify?”

This is very possible, as the same situation happened to another user on the platform: “I accidentally ordered 10 packs of hot sauce from Taco Bell last week and it cost $6 shout”.

Another DoorDash employee went viral after they decided to eat a customer’s takeout without paying a tip.

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