DoorDash Driver Reveals Viral Hack to Make More Money

Published: 2024-04-01T11:20:15 ❘ Updated: 2024-04-01T11:20:27

A DoorDash driver went viral when they revealed a hack they discovered that allowed them to pocket some extra money, and people are divided.

A DoorDasher named Kameron went viral on TikTok after she uploaded a video of herself taking orders from Chilis.

The text overlay on the video explains most of Kameron’s ‘hack’, as it simply reads, “When I DoorDashed Chili’s but I’m a Dasher and picked it up myself so I basically tipped myself .”

By taking orders himself, Kameron avoided tipping another DoorDasher.

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“IDK if this is a win or not,” she wrote in the caption.

After the video was posted to the platform, it garnered more than two million views and people eagerly debated Kameron’s “victory.”

“You literally paid more for it than just received it yourself,” one person said, clearly unimpressed.

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“Depends on what actually happened,” one user wrote. “Doordash has a pickup option that I think gives the driver a discount so that’s most likely what happened instead of requesting a delivery and picking it up yourself.”

However, this may not actually be the case, as one user said “Dude, DoorDash is a business, not a charity. Drivers will not earn more than customers pay to DoorDash.”

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Another DoorDasher went viral in November, when they chose to eat a customer’s food after not leaving him a tip.

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