DoorDash driver shoots with customer after delivering her food

A customer has TikTok viewers divided after revealing that a DoorDash driver hit her right after delivering her order.

In a viral clip with 1.1 million views, content creator Cuhrin (nirhuc) said her DoorDasher tried to fire his shot at her after making a delivery.

“I just want my burrito,” the unimpressed customer wrote on the video as she filmed herself eating several pieces of bacon while looking into the camera.

Cuhrin then showed a text she received from the DoorDash driver through the app, in which he asked “Are you single?” along with another text that read, “You’re so fine.”

The TikToker wondered how the delivery driver could text her after delivering her food and wrote in the caption, “Bc absolutely not…. How can they still contact you AFTER they have completed your order???”

TikTok users in the comments section condemned Dasher’s actions and expressed disappointment on Cuhrin’s behalf. “There is a time and place but not HERE,” one person wrote.

“This is even scarier knowing they have your address,” another said. “This is why I changed my name and am not open!” a third commented.

Others shared inappropriate messages they personally received from their delivery drivers. “The DoorDasher guy texted me he wasn’t even mad, I didn’t tip because I was fine,” one person said.

“There was a driver who told me that he would be happy to become my child’s stepfather at any time. Like these people have no morals,” another person wrote. “I was invited back to my apartment by a Go Puff driver. I immediately reported him! That was so scary, he didn’t even want to return my identification documents,” another person shared.

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This is just the latest DoorDash fiasco to go viral on TikTok, after a driver faced backlash for eating the food of a customer who didn’t tip.

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