Dream and GeorgeNotFound’s concert torn apart due to “terrible” performance

Minecraft stars Dream and GeorgeNotFound are being criticized for their “terrible” performance during Dream’s live tour after one of their concerts went viral.

The Minecraft Dream star is currently traveling across the US on his ‘Anyone Who Wants to Listen’ tour with co-creator GeorgeNotFound.

While Dream has established himself as a major online personality in gaming, he’s also branched out into music, releasing a number of his own original songs over the years.

In August, Dream announced that he would be going on tour, scheduled to perform in states such as Florida, Texas, California, etc. throughout September.

Instagram: dreamwastakenDream is a prominent YouTuber, previously an ‘unknown’ creator, choosing to wear a mask rather than show his face online.

Unfortunately, it seems this tour did not receive much acclaim after a video of one of Dream’s concerts went viral online.

Dream & GeorgeNotFound are vibrant in concert

Affectionately called ‘Droncert’ by fans, an attendee took a video of Dream and George performing the song they wrote together on tour… and netizens are tearing it up.

“You’ll try to find me but I’m in LA, talking to yo bae,” the pair sing, seemingly out of breath. The duo’s vocals were also not exactly synchronized with each other, leading to a performance that left many audience members disappointed and confused as to why fans were cheering them on.

“I could have gone my whole life without hearing this, and here I am,” one user wrote on X.

“They allow people to make music and perform these days, right?” another asked.

“Literally, what are they saying? I can’t even understand most of it,” another person pointed out.

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It’s clear that netizens are not impressed with Dream’s musical performance skills, with many other commenters claiming that the influencer must have been autotuning a lot in his other songs. That said, their concert attendees seemed to enjoy themselves.

This is just the latest backlash to come from Dream after the YouTuber won the Markiplier Gamer of the Year Streamy Award, leading to a barrage of criticism against the Minecraft star.

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