Dream fans go crazy after proposing at Minecraft YouTuber’s first concert

Two Dream fans went viral after recording their proposal in the middle of the Minecraft content creator’s first live concert.

While Dream is best known for his Minecraft content, the social media celebrity has dipped his toe into the music industry here and there over the past few years. Now, he’s officially on tour across the United States.

Traveling from state to state throughout September, Dream just kicked things off with his first show, which fans are calling ‘Droncert’. While it may not have met the expectations of many avid viewers, one particular moment has now garnered attention online.

The two avid fans of the content creator shared a special moment during the show. With one half down on one knee, they proposed to their partners during Dream’s performance and have since gone viral online.

“Here is a video of the proposal at droncert from my POV,” one of them shared online. Explaining that “Dreams are what brought us together,” they found this concert to be the perfect time to propose.

Hundreds of Dream fans quickly came out to congratulate the now engaged couple, and hundreds of thousands more were watching the moment online. Dream himself also soon shared this video on Twitter. “I’m crying,” they said in response to his admission.

“If you say a concert proposal, no one pays attention. Propose a Say Dream concert and society calls me cringe,” the other half of the couple watched online, responding with some more critical reactions.

Dream’s budding music career took center stage in 2023 thanks to the release of his first official EP, ‘To Who Wants to Hear’. Also for the first time on tour, it seems like this is just the beginning of a new business for the content creator after years of hard work in the field.

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While there were many who clearly criticized the first performance as “terrible,” we will have to see if the reception improves over his next few shows.

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