Drew Barrymore postpones talk show return after backlash from writers

Drew Barrymore has backtracked on his decision to launch his talk show following fierce criticism surrounding the ongoing writers’ strike.

Actors and writers across Hollywood are still on strike in an ongoing labor dispute over higher wages, and studios will return to the negotiating table this week.

The writers’ strike hit the 100-day mark in early August, with many TV shows and movies postponed or canceled as studios waited for union members to “start losing their apartments.”

Now, Drew Barrymore has announced that she will also be postponing her talk show debut. This happens after receipt harsh online criticism about her initial decision to persevere despite the strikes.

In an Instagram post, Barrymore wrote: “I have listened to everyone and I have decided to pause the show’s launch until the strike is over. I have no words to express my deepest apologies to anyone I’ve hurt and of course to our incredible team who worked on the show and made it happen. that is like today.”

Barrymore continued to “hope for a solution” for “the entire industry,” saying “We really tried to find our way forward.” The decision came days after she posted a tearful video apologizing to strikers, even though the talk show was still going at the time.

The video was later deleted and many praised the actress’ decision to postpone, with one fan writing: “THIS is the Drew I know and love.”

Following this news, other talk shows followed suit and suspended production in support of the strikes. Check out all the latest entertainment news on our site here.

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