Dubai Bling star Farhana Bodhi was accused of photoshopping photos on social networks

Ahead of the season 3 premiere of Dubai Bling, Farhana Bodhi was criticized by fans for allegedly editing her Instagram photos.

One of the many stars of Netflix’s hit series Dubai Bling is Farhana Bodi.

She initially made her reality TV debut as a contestant on Paris Hilton’s Dubai BFF series in 2011. Although she lost the competition, she gained more recognition for her looks and it took her career to the next level.

Farhana is currently flaunting her millionaire lifestyle on Dubai Bling and has been a main cast member since the show’s inception.

She’s set to return for the highly anticipated Season 3, but before it comes out, she has some controversies that need to be resolved.

Dubai Bling’s Farhana was accused of photoshopping on IG

On February 2, Farhana took to Instagram to share some photos of herself working out at a gym in Dubai.

Fans were stunned by the photos as many believed the reality star photoshopped her body in the photos.

Not only did some people share their opinion that it was edited in the comments section of the IG post, but viewers also took to Reddit to share their reactions.

One fan wrote: “That looks as natural as Handsome Squidward, don’t stop even gym influencers like this. I wonder what her thought process is.”

Another fan agreed, writing: “She’s already very healthy, don’t understand why she needs work done like she literally has a model body.”

Farhana is yet to respond to fans’ criticism. Part 3 of Dubai Bling does not have an official release date yet, but the teaser trailer has been released so it may be released later this year.

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