Duolingo mascot undergoes plastic surgery in disturbing viral video

There have been many famous people who decided to have plastic surgery, but no one expected this.

If there’s a day when you check the internet and aren’t completely flabbergasted by certain headlines, are you really online?

Over the past few months, it seems like the real-life stories are getting crazier and crazier.

Students at a Christian school were expelled after their mother refused to remove the Onlyfans sticker from her car.

A woman was charged more than $100 by a hotel for putting her own products in her room’s mini fridge. The list of wild titles never ends.

This week’s viral clip involves plastic surgery procedures…and Duolingo.

The Duolingo mascot just got his butt done

On January 9, the official Duolingo account shared a TikTok video of the owl mascot undergoing plastic surgery.

Captioned ‘Come to me for the BBL’, the clip shows him wearing a hospital gown and a brand new butt wrap. It has since gone viral with nearly a million views.

Luckily, his procedure was done by a professional so he was in good hands. In fact, the doctor who performed the surgery was Dr.Miami, a medical expert and TikTok star with more than three million followers on the platform.

Regarding the public reaction, most viewers were completely stunned and took to the comment section of the post to clarify it.

“I will seriously never have “Duolingo owl gets BBL” on my 2024 bingo card,” one fan wrote.

Another fan chimed in and wrote: “Duolingo is so tasteless.”

Judging by engagement with the video, fans can expect to see more of the mascot’s antics on social media. What will he do next?

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