Emily is shocked after a man rear-ended her car during an IRL broadcast

Twitch Extra star Emily was shocked after a man rear-ended her car during a recent IRL broadcast while she was waiting at a red light.

Back in January 2023, Asmongold-owned content group OTK signed Extra Emily as its newest member, becoming the second woman to join the organization.

Since then, her popularity has skyrocketed with over 7,000 average viewers across various gaming and IRL content.

During an IRL broadcast on September 8, 2023, Emily was sitting at a red light when a man rear-ended her car — leaving her shocked.

During her broadcast, Emily was chatting with her chat while presumably sitting at a red light and talking to her chat.

You can see a car appear in her back window just as he makes contact with her rear end. Shocked, Extra Emily pulled into the parking lot and luckily the person who hit her did the same.

“Someone just finished me. Dude, someone just finished me from behind,” she said.

(The accident occurred at 2:50:15 in the VOD)

After pulling into the parking lot, Emily and the man who hit her got out to talk and inspect the damage to each car.

Luckily, no one was injured and the damage to each car wasn’t too bad so they kept going.

This isn’t the first on-air car accident in the past few days either, as StephanieQuatro was recently hit by a car on her IRL broadcast. Luckily, she’s okay.

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