Fact check: Did MrBeast Get Arrested for “Tax Evasion”?

Currently, Mr. Beast aka Jimmy Donaldson is the biggest YouTuber in the world. Boasts a staggering 154 million subscribers on its featured channel. Mr. Beast is always the title of some topic. While he usually highlights his generous gifts, something has been hitting him lately, so you need to read the article and follow us for all the information detail. Continue reading for more detailed information.

MrBeast was captured by YouTuber Airrack

Mr. Beast was arrested for tax evasion

Multiple clips of popular YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson seemingly being arrested by the police have flooded social media after content creator Eric ‘Airrack’ released a video claiming to have gotten Jimmy arrested. With countless clips on the internet showing the YouTuber being detained by police and then taken into custody, many people may believe that it was an actual arrest. Continue reading for more details.

MrBeast was captured by YouTuber Airrack

However, it was revealed that the whole thing was planned in advance by Eric in coordination with officials, who agreed to prank MrBeast by arresting him in his hometown of Greenville in South Carolina. Airrack even took to social media to brag about the success of the prank, posting a clip of the year’s content creator being escorted to a police car. This is the reason MrBeast was arrested by the police. Keep reading to learn the same.

MrBeast was captured by YouTuber Airrack

Eric and Jimmy are longtime friends and have interacted many times throughout their careers as popular YouTube content creators. The former was even the host of last year’s Streamy Awards, where the latter won the title of Content Creator of the Year for the third time in a row. After becoming the most subscribed content creator on the platform, MerBeast is arguably one of the most popular online personalities in recent times, with his videos instantly going viral on the Internet. Of course, along with his fame comes some haters who like to troll him online. However, Airrack’s prank on him seemed like an act of revenge.

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At the start of the video, he explains that his fellow YouTuber started the prank war last year. Jimmy starts the prank by convincing one of Airrack’s close friends and team members to call him and falsely claim that they are switching teams. Eric admits that he believed the joke for a moment and came up with a plan to get back at MrBeast. To that end, Airrack intended to capture the famous YouTuber in New York City, but after Elon Musk canceled a meeting, the whole prank had to move to Greenville. He even asked the local police department to sign a formal contract, thereby enlisting the help of two real police officers who would make the arrest as he sat back to watch situation takes place.

Mr. Monster

MrBeast is known for his charity work, but some of his recent actions have drawn hate from individuals online who have used his “blindness cure” video to criticize the issues. society and inequality. Thank you for your patient reading.

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