Fact Check: Is Garth Brooks Serial Killer? Tom Segura Feud Explained

Country singer Garth Brooks recently put an end to ongoing serial killer jokes aimed at him. Comedian Tom Segura, who is famous for his funny antics, revealed during an appearance on Theo Von’s This Past Weekend podcast that he was blocked on Instagram by Brooks. This event occurred after Segura initiated a series of fake murder jokes about the famous country music singer. The feud between these two celebrities began when Segura jokingly called Brooks a serial killer. The joke quickly attracted attention, causing netizens to flood Brooks’ social media with comments about the whereabouts of the bodies.

Garth Brooks

Is Garth Brooks a serial killer?

The origin of this running joke can be traced back to October 2018 when Garth Brooks announced his highly anticipated The Big-A*s Stadium Tour on Instagram. In this video, Brooks talks about the joy he gets from performing live music and his love for the physicality of it. Responding to the video, Tom Segura, along with fellow podcast hosts Christina P and Fahim Anwar, alleged that Brooks resembled a serial killer, insinuating that he may have hidden the body on his property. me. These comments were made lightly by Segura, quickly attracting attention and the joke began to spread from there.

The impact of these jokes appears to have taken a toll on Garth Brooks, causing him to block Tom Segura on Instagram. Segura himself claimed to have received information from a “reliable source” that Brooks was well aware of the prank being played. While it’s unclear why Brooks chose to block Segura, it highlights the sensitivity of the issue for the country singer and his desire to end the jokes at his own expense.

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Garth Brooks

Interestingly, this recent controversy comes as Garth Brooks teases the resurrection of his alter ego, Chris Gaines, more than 20 years after the release of his self-titled album in 1999. The character Chris Gaines was created as a fictional rock musician, demonstrating Brooks’ versatility and creativity. Despite the album’s success and initial positive feedback, it was met with criticism and failed to resonate with his fans or his country music persona. The reintroduction of this alter ego shows Brooks’s willingness to explore different artistic paths and challenge fans’ expectations once again.

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The ongoing serial killer jokes targeting Garth Brooks have reached a turning point with comedian Tom Segura being blocked on Instagram. What began as a funny joke quickly gained momentum, leading to widespread speculation and commentary about Brooks’ alleged criminal activities.

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