Fact Check: Is Lucha Villa Dead or Alive? Mexican singer Health Update

Lucha Villa is a Mexican singer and actor. She is widely known by her stage name but her real name is Luz Elena Ruiz Bejarano. She was born on November 30, 1936. But do you know when she died? Is Lucha Villa dead? On social networks, there are some rumors that the famous Mexican singer Lucha Villa has passed away and added his name to the list of famous Mexican actors who have passed away recently. Meanwhile, her fans became distraught after seeing a social media post claiming that Lucha Villa was dead. Scroll down the page.

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Is Lucha Villa dead or alive?

Therefore, many people began to ask questions regarding the news about the death of the Mexican singer. We have tried to answer each and every pressing question related to this news. In the following parts of this column, we have discussed all the aspects that you should know. You won’t need to search any more websites with similar content if you follow this till the end. Stay tuned to this page and go through all the sections given below on this page. Swipe down the page.

lucha villa

Talking about the rumors, Mexican singer Lucha Villa passed away on Monday evening, March 27, 2023. But fortunately, the veteran singer and actress is still alive. The Lucha Villa is not dead. Her family reacted to the fake news about the singer’s death. Maria Jose Rengifo used her Facebook account to quash rumors about her mother. In fact, Maria criticized the perpetrators who raised subtle speculations about her mother and mentioned her mother’s health condition. Maria Jose wrote on Facebook, “People who are unscrupulous and seem to have nothing to do, journalists and people who don’t even take the trouble to take coverage seriously. As always… Rest assured that news like this will be communicated to you personally by this medium or by any of us. Thank you all for your great care and love.”

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lucha villa

However, Maria Jose is not the only family member to react to such delicate speculations as the singer’s niece named Damiana Villa also denied the rumors about Lucha Villa’s death. Damiana Villa said, fortunately, she confirmed that her aunt was okay. Those were false rumors (although they assured me it was confirmed) about the death of our beloved Lucha Villa. She is at her farm in San Luis Potosí, well cared for, and her health is fine. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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