Fact check: Is Zubin Mehenti Leaving ESPN? Illness and Health Issue 2023

Today, we will talk about famous radio personality Zubin Mehenti, as we all know that he is leaving Espn. In 2011, the American radio and sports broadcaster joined ESPN. This person has been a host for various editions of SportsCenter. Zubin is best known for co-hosting Keyshawn, JWill and Zubin, an ESPN Radio morning show. Zubin, whose parents were immigrants from India, worked his way up the corporate ladder and struck out on his own. Regarding the host’s educational background, Zubin holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science as well as a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the prestigious Rutgers University. Sadly, Zubin hasn’t appeared on the Keyshawn, JWill and Zubin show in quite some time. In August 2020, he replaced Mike Golic as host of the 10-6 morning show.

Zubin Mehenti leaves ESPN

Is Zubin Mehenti leaving ESPN?

Zubin Mehenti is a man of the people and he constantly emphasizes to listeners that they should keep them because they are the foundation of the show. He also mentioned the audience uniformity of sports talk radio. The broadcaster also highlighted how some viewers have been devoted to the show since the 1980s. Alan Hahn represented Zubin while he was abroad. There are rumors that Zubin may not be able to reprise his role on the show and that Alan will permanently take his place. Unfortunately, ESPN Radio’s ratings plummeted in the fall of 2020. That may have also encouraged the network to make such a bold move.

Zubin Mehenti leaves ESPN

Mehenti cannot be held responsible for the ratings decline caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, which sent many commuters home and harmed thousands of listeners. After Zubin did not appear on the show, many fans were worried about his health. Unfortunately, it was announced that the host had been diagnosed with diabetes. So, it is reasonable to assume that Zubin Mehenti’s illness and health problems are the main reason for his absence. Since then, many people have worried whether Zubin is seriously ill or not. However, there have been no recent developments regarding the nature of his diabetes or his current health condition. As has been established, Zubin joined ESPN in 2011 and has participated in many ESPN Radio shows.

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Zubin Mehenti leaves ESPN

According to the ESPN Press Room, Mehenti’s first position after graduating from college was working for Melinda Murphy, a former CBS News journalist. He is a producer for WPIX-TV in New York. Then, from September 2001 to September 2005, he worked as a reporter, editor, producer, videographer and writer for the ABC affiliate in Central Iowa. Zubin then spent six years at KDVR-TV (Fox)/KWGN-TV (CW) in Denver. Since only Zubin Mehenti’s professional life is public, viewers must also be extremely interested in the host’s personal life. So this is all about this article. So please follow us.

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