Fact check: Was Sha Ek Shot Dead? Rapper Death hoax trending on social media

Currently, a story is circulating on social media that Chalim Perry, who is best known as Sha Ek, has passed away. Since Sha Ek is a rising American rapper and producer, this story attracted attention and became the center of attention. As a result, a lot of speculations and rumors have started spreading online claiming that Sha Ek was shot dead, causing distress and unrest among fans and netizens. To resolve the matter peacefully, netizens went to the internet and scoured online articles to conclude whether Sha Ek was alive or dead. Since countless people are talking about the rumors of Sha Ek’s passing, we are forced to address the ongoing rumors. If you are also looking for Sha Ek details and status, this article will tell you the most reliable and authentic details about him. Just read to the bottom of the page and see the following sections. Swipe down.

Sha Ek

Was Sha Ek shot dead?

Before talking about the rumor of Sha Ek’s death, we should take a look at the male rapper’s profile. Sha EK was born Chalim Perry on April 8, 2003. He is a 15-year-old American rapper and producer from The Bronx NY. Sha Ek rose to fame and prominence with his major label debut mixtape, “Face of the What,” which was released last September. He grew up in the South Bronx neighborhood of Melrose. Chalim Perry aka Sha Ek is influenced by his Honduran heritage and the vibrant music culture around him. He is an entertainer and artist who always strives to improve his music and performance. Scroll down the page.

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Sha Ek

Talking about the rumors circulating online regarding Sha Ek, it is being spread that the American rapper famous for his mixtape Face Of The What has been shot dead. But contrary to the ongoing rumors, the male rapper is still alive and doing well in his position. Read more about the rumors in the next section.

Sha Ek

It’s true that the New York rapper was injured by a gunshot, but he’s still alive. It is known that Sha Ek went through a life-changing incident when he was injured by a gunshot. Even though he has become a celebrity in the rap industry. He channeled his experiences into music. He also highlighted the support and love he received from audiences in the Northeast region. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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