Fadnavis and Shinde party split? News of conflict over Vidhan Parishad candidature and Deven Bharti’s appointment.

There are reports of a dispute between the BJP and the Shinde faction over the announcement of candidates for the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly and the appointment of Deven Bharti as Special Commissioner of Mumbai Police.

Prime Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy Prime Minister Devendra Fadnavis

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Six months have passed. Another delay in the cabinet expansion, causing discontent among lawmakers, then in the Maharashtra Shinde-Fadnavis government Once it was formed, everything was fine so far. But now it seems the split has begun. These are divisional council candidates in and Mumbai Police. It started with the appointment of Deven Bharti, considered close to Fadnavis, as special commissioner. The BJP has been accused of announcing the names of candidates for the Legislative Council without losing the confidence of the Sindh community.

The discontent first came to light at the Maharashtra cabinet meeting on Tuesday (January 10). On behalf of the BJP, state president Chandrasekhar Bawankule held a press conference on Monday and announced the names of three candidates for the Legislative Council. On January 30, elections will be held to elect five seats for teachers and degree holders in the Legislative Council.

The BJP unilaterally announced its candidates for the Legislative Council

The BJP has announced the names of its three candidates. These include Konkan Teachers Constituency, Aurangabad Teachers Constituency and Amravati Diploma Constituency. The Shinde group said that there is an alliance between the BJP and the Shinde group even for the Assembly elections. In this scenario, the BJP has unilaterally announced its candidates for these three constituencies. The Shinde group has expressed anger against Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis over the issue.

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Devendra Fadnavis tried to calm the matter down

Sinde Chief Minister Dada Bhuse questioned whether the Konkan and Nasik seats would be ceded to Sinde as per the mutual agreement. Then on what basis did BJP state president Chandrasekhar Babankule announce the candidate without coordination. Not only the Minister, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde also expressed anger at this unilateral statement. Devendra Fadnavis later tried to calm the matter down by saying that he had discussed the matter with Shinde faction minister Uday Samantha.

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Deven Bharti appoints Fadnavis, people are questioning me – CM Shinde

CM Shinde has publicly expressed his displeasure on another issue. The case pertains to the appointment of Deven Bharti, a close aide of Fadnavis, as Special Commissioner of Police in Mumbai. CM Shinde said about this that Fadnavis has appointed him as Home Minister and people are questioning me. CM Shinde also said that because of this, Mumbai Police is upset. In fact, a new post has been created to elevate Deven Bharti to an important position. Before Deven Bharti, he was not the Special Commissioner of Police of Mumbai Police.

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