Fans praise Love is Blind season 5 for older contestants

Love is Blind season 5 is being praised because this time there are more age-appropriate contestants.

Love is Blind returned to Netflix for its fifth season on September 22, 2023. Already, the fifth season of the hit dating series has received worldwide acclaim.

And while die-hard fans of the Netflix series can’t wait for more, viewers also have some criticisms of Love is Blind that they hope will be remedied in the fifth season. (i.e., fewer co-stars just looking for Instagram followers, more looking for a life union.)

However, one of the big changes viewers want to see in the hit dating series is for the older co-stars. Luckily, season 5 (somewhat) granted that wish.

Love Is Blind season 5 was praised by fans for its older contestants

Love is Blind fans have criticized the show for casting contestants who seem too young and immature to get married. While every adult has the right to choose when to get married, the audience cannot help but feel skeptical about co-stars in their 20s.

Instead, viewers expect to see more mature contestants in their 30s-40s-50s, etc. Considering that statistically, everyone gets married later in life, Love is Blind viewers want to see This representative image is made in the program.

“My question is, what would a season be like if the participants were 35-45 and not 25-35 like they all are?” one fan wrote on the Love is Blind subreddit. “People around the world are getting married later and later, and frankly, in a major metropolitan area in 2023, most 25-year-olds are not looking for marriage or anything close to it … Does that actually lead to more successful marriages in the end? Of the season?

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Luckily, their wishes seem to have been granted somewhat in season 5. Although some of this season’s contestants are in their mid-20s, the majority seem to be in their late 20s and 30s.

When Instagram introduced the new contestants, fans said they were happy to see a more mature age group.

“I love that most of this cast is older,” the fan wrote. “30+ This will be a different feeling. Can’t wait.”

Another agreed, writing: “Glad to see more people over 25.”

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