Former Love is Blind contestant criticized the show for not getting treatment

Cameron Hamilton from season 1 of Love is Blind thinks that the reality show needs a therapist to help contestants overcome difficulties.

Love is Blind has quickly become one of the most popular dating shows of all time. Aired on Netflix in 2020, the show has been a global success and is now in its fifth season. However, despite fans eager to watch more heartbreaking and dramatic details, the show still received backlash from both viewers and former contestants of the show.

In fact, some former contestants even alleged that the production caused “emotional warfare,” leaving them deprived of food, water, and sleep.

Even though season 1’s Cameron Hamilton had nothing but positive things to say about the show, for the most part, (it is, after all, where he met the love of his life, Lauren), he did point out the lack of Mental health precautions on set.

Cameron Hamilton from Love is Blind called out the series for lacking mental health support

For Cameron Hamilton, Love is Blind is a dream come true. The reality series is where he met his future wife and best friend, Lauren. As of 2023, the couple will have been together for five years in November. As their social media accounts suggest, the couple is still going strong and more in love than ever.

However, despite his love of the Netflix show and what it ultimately did for him, the former contestant still pointed out the lack of therapy on set.

“There are often times when we’re going through this process where I think we both feel like we need someone to talk to,” Cameron said in a Q&A on YouTube. “I also think it would be nice to have a therapist on Love is Blind.” He added, “It was just a huge mental challenge. I think that would be really helpful…”

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As Cameron said in the video, he would love to host his own reality dating series with himself and Lauren as hosts. If he were the host, he would love to provide therapy to the contestants.

Fans were quick to respond to his suggestion. “It would be great if Netflix approached you and Lauren to host your own show, a new one,” one fan wrote in the comments. “If you have any ideas, you might want to see if they are interested in pitching. I would love to see you two do your own show.”

Stay tuned to Netflix to watch the all-new season of Love is Blind.

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