Former McDonald’s chef shares what kind of cheese to buy to recreate the Big Mac

Former McDonald’s chef Mike Haracz has once again shocked viewers by revealing the type of cheese you should buy if you want a McDonald’s-like taste for your burgers at home.

When you think of famous fast food places, you will definitely think of McDonald’s first.

Their popularity has led many people to try to recreate their products at home to save money or make a slightly healthier choice.

Former McDonald’s chef Mike Haracz is here to help you make a Big Mac at home by revealing which cheese you should buy – and it’s easier to buy than you think.

McDonald’s chef reveals which cheese you should buy

Posted on September 21, 2023, Haracz’s video has been viewed thousands of times and viewers are loving his recommendations.

In the clip, Mike reveals that you can’t buy the exact cheese offered on McDonald’s sandwiches, but you can go to Walmart and buy their Great Value Deluxe American cheese.

He warns against getting pre-wrapped singles, but rather getting an uncut loaf or “wrapped” and not individually wrapped loaf.

The former corporate chef also revealed that McDonald’s leaves their cheese at room temperature and this makes a difference in taste.

“They are almost identical, there is a slight difference in the way they are preserved,” he revealed.

Users flooded the comments with their thoughts on the tip coinciding with the video gaining traction on the platform.

“I love how you always make McDonald’s seem like a high-end food,” one user replied.

Another said: “I was about to comment on the premium GV cheese! I have been using it for years!! Can’t beat it.”

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This is also not the first time Mike has had a virus. Just in early September, he explained why you shouldn’t order a Big Mac when you go to a restaurant.

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