Former WWE wrestler Mandy Rose revealed she started OnlyFans after being fired by WWE

Former NXT Champion Amanda “Mandy Rose” Saccamano revealed that she is starting an Onlyfans account and WWE fans are worried that she will never return to the wrestling franchise.

Mandy “The Golden Goddess” Rose, a 5-foot-4 athlete who can deadlift 225 pounds, has been wrestling professionally for more than six years. But the WWE star ended her contract on January 10 due to fan content after she lost her 413-day NXT Women’s Championship to Perez.

Now, Mandy has teamed up with OnlyFans months after its release, leaving wrestling fans worried that she will never return to WWE.

Mady Rose OnlyFans Instagram Reveal

Mandy Rose posted about her partnership with OnlyFans with the caption, “Former WWE Champ @MandySacs is coming to OnlyFans! Subscribe today to keep up with Mandy.”

More than 80k people liked the trending post, but some fans aren’t happy about what it portends for the former wrestling superstar’s future. “So you’re literally never coming back to WWE,” one fan complained.

But Mandy Rose wasn’t the only one upset when her company released her because of the content she released. Popular Twitch streamer Nadia has criticized Activision after accusing the company of refusing to invite her to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 launch event due to her “bikini photo.”

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