[Full Clip] Clip chủ tịch ACB cởi áo nhảy hát “gây bão” cộng đồng mạng

Nowadays, Clip of ACB president dancing is one of the popular keywords on internet and social media and the bearing community is hunting and searching for it.

For all of you who want to watch the latest viral videos that are currently trending topics, so ldg.com.vn will provide you with the latest details of the service. How the clip of ACB president dancing and singing “caused a storm” in the online community. Let’s follow along!

Recently, during the GALA celebrating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) on the evening of June 4, ACB Chairman Tran Hung Huy surprised the entire audience when he played, sang, and danced to perform the song. “Always Remember Us This Way” and “Lonely on the Sofa”.

The performance of ACB Chairman Tran Hung Huy brought a new spirit to corporate culture, with equality and no gap between Management and employees. On social networks, the community constantly discusses the young, talented and rich president.

The performance of ACB Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tran Hung Huy, playing, singing and dancing in the rain, continues to be a hotly discussed topic in the community over the past few days.

The heat of ACB Bank Chairman, Tran Hung Huy, not only spread in the banking community but also became the focus on social networking sites. With expectations from the community, the video “Chairman bell likes” in the gala celebrating ACB’s 30th anniversary has reached the Top 2 most discussed topics on social networks in the past 3 days.

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The online community also compared Mr. Huy to South Korea’s Bi Rain and asked “Have you opened an ACB account yet?” on social networks.

According to a marketing expert, ACB Chairman Tran Hung Huy has brought a new breeze to corporate culture, including equality and no gap between senior management and employees. Mr. Huy also has the advantage of being one of the few bankers who uses social networks and does not block the sharing of personal images on it.

With his handsome appearance, talent and especially wealth, Mr. Huy took advantage of these factors along with his dancing in the rain to create an effective marketing campaign, far exceeding everyone’s expectations.

ACB Chairman, Tran Hung Huy, was born in 1978 and has a doctorate. He joined ACB right after graduating and held positions such as market research specialist and Marketing Director in the bank. Since 2012, Mr. Tran Hung Huy became Chairman of the Board of Directors of ACB, and at that time he was only 34 years old, becoming the youngest chairman in Vietnamese bank history.

Currently, Mr. Tran Hung Huy holds 133,097,530 ACB shares, equivalent to 3.43% of the bank’s charter capital. With the current market price, the value of the shares he holds has reached 2,914 billion VND.

Chairman Tran Hung Huy’s special performance of making the instrument, singing and dancing in the rain has created great attention in the online community. He became a hot topic of discussion and was compared to famous artist Bi Rain. The online community was able to show interest by asking the question “Have you opened an ACB account yet?” and Mr. Tran Hung Huy’s performance became an effective marketing campaign, surpassing everyone’s expectations.

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Through his activities and personal images on social networks, ACB Chairman Tran Hung Huy has breathed new life into corporate culture, creating an equal environment with no gap between levels and employees. in ACB. The combination of Mr. Huy’s exceptional characteristics, talent and wealth has created an iconic image and a positive impact on the ACB brand.

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