Fuslie stuns Valkyrae & ExtraEmily with the story of how Pokemon led to severe childhood trauma

100 Thieves streamer Fuslie shocked Valkyrae and ExtraEmily with the story of how she almost lost an eye as a child due to excitement over the latest episode of Pokemon.

Pokemon is arguably one of the most iconic franchises out there. Almost everywhere you go, you will know the familiar faces of pocket monsters. This is especially true if you watched the animated series that aired on TV growing up as a child.

100 Thieves content creator Fuslie certainly still remembers the old Pokemon show, as it caused a pretty serious trauma in their childhood, causing them to almost lose an eye.

Fuslie was hanging out with content creators Valkyrae and ExtraEmily on a stream together, where she narrated the story.

Fuslie explains how they almost lost an eye due to the Pokemon episode

The streamer explained how much they absolutely love the Pokemon TV show and how the delay in the first broadcast of the new episode caused problems.

“There was an episode and I was late. And it was the morning of my brother’s SAT test, and I woke up late and thought ‘Oh my God, the latest Pokemon episode!’ I grabbed the blanket and ran and when I got to my mother’s room, I covered myself with the blanket.

In their haste, they weren’t too wary of the blanket they were holding. In a moment, Fuslie explains how she rushed into her parents’ bed.

“I crawled under the covers and fell hard into the corner of my mother’s bed. Like boom, hit me, I fainted and then I heard my mother scream. She was like ‘ahhhh!’ I almost passed out, I stood up and only saw blood dripping down my hand. I looked in the mirror and there was a giant hole in my face and there was just blood running down my face.”

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Twitter: fuslieFuslie’s love for Pokemon almost caused them to lose their eyes when they were children.

Luckily for Fuslie, they escaped after just a few stitches.

“My doctor said ‘You’re lucky it didn’t hit your eye because you could have lost your eye’.”

While they may not have caught that set of Pokemon that day, they were at least able to catch more in later years as children.

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