GameStop employee fired as TikTok prank backfires and viewers are furious

A TikToker’s prank over a fake game has cost a GameStop employee his job and, well, viewers can’t quite believe it. 

Making a prank video is just about the oldest trick in the book for content creators. Some of the most outlandish and edgy pranks have launched careers across social media and they never seem to go away. 

So, it’s only natural that TikTok has become awash with them too. With many deciding to try and launch their own career with fresh TikTok pranks, and others just use the platform to post clips from places like YouTube and Twitter. 

Well, in the case of Seth Meiring, he does both, and one of his recent pranks landed a GameStop employee – dawesometk – in hot water with the company. So much so, that the man was actually fired from GameStop.

TikToker’s prank gets GameStop employee fired

That’s right, in Meiring’s now-deleted clip, he was in a GameStop trying to pull off one of his typical pranks – selling a fake game to the store. While his previous attempts have included things like Gregcraft – a spin on Minecraft – this one was called “Cousin Kisser: The Game.” 

Whilst inside the store, the TikToker had an interaction with another customer, a woman, who didn’t take kindly to him filming in the store. She stood in front of the camera at one point before they got into a bit of an argument. 

As the woman exited the store, Seth remarked to the former GameStop employee in question that she had to be a “cousin kisser” herself. He laughed at that and the whole situation ultimately cost him his job with the company. 

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The TikToker has since set up a GoFundMe to help the former GameStop worker but, as of writing, has raised $774 of the $1000 goal. That obviously isn’t even close to a monthly salary. 

Plenty of viewers have expressed their dismay about the amount trying to be raised too. “literally you owe this man at least 2 months pay,” said one. “1k is less than one month rent, that’s actually crazy,” added another. 

Dawesome has yet to update viewers beyond his original video which confirmed he got fired from his job. So, it remains to be seen what’ll happen next.

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