Gas station employee takes revenge on boss after being accused of having an affair with an employee

A group of gas station employees took revenge on their boss by changing the business’s sign to expose his alleged adultery.

The workers decided to take inspiration from the movie Terrible Bosses by getting some payback – and a bit of public humiliation.

A gas station owner in Washington State is probably not very pleased with some of the edits made to his store front LED sign with a series of major accusations against him.

The scrolling LED sign claims that the boss not only slept behind his wife’s back with the employee, but also stole the employee’s overtime money. Worse still, a video of the allegations is appearing on TikTok.

Gas station employee exposes boss’s alleged adultery

In August, TikToker ‘zzawadii’ posted a video on her channel showing a modified gas station sign claiming that the owner had an affair with his employee.

“The boss likes to sleep with employees behind his wife!” the sign said before moving on to an ad for a space-sharing food truck. “The wage thief who owns this place pocketed the employees’ overtime!”

Since being uploaded, the video has been viewed more than 3.1 million times. However, many users actually applauded the sign’s marketing, so this revenge plot may have actually backfired.

“Now THIS is marketing,” said one.

“The usual commercial in the middle of a tea spill is killing me,” laughed another.

Dexerto contacted the gas station for comment, but an employee present denied knowing anything about the sign or the owner’s allegations of adultery. It is not clear whether the employees responsible were fired or the owner never discovered the sign problem.

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This is not the first time gas station owners have been criticized. Just recently, Twitch streamer and model OnlyFans Amouranth revealed that customers blamed her for the inflated gas prices at her gas stations.

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