Gautami Patil Viral Video Changes Clothes Controversy explained

There are many ways to become popular on social media but most viral videos make people famous overnight. That’s why over the past few years we’ve been constantly hearing news about viral videos. Not only ordinary people but also many celebrities whose private videos are spreading on social networks and creating many emotions. These types of videos usually attract a lot of attention and hence some people take it as an opportunity and intentionally share their such videos on the web. Most of the videos have obscene and profane content and that’s why they go viral on social media platforms without wasting any more time.

Gautami Patil

Viral video of Gautami Patil

Now once again, an obscene video of a famous dancer has gone viral on social media and people are sharing it among themselves. However, the original video has been removed from the social network but some people have downloaded it and now they are sharing it with each other. The people sharing this video are violating the guidelines of the Internet and the consequences can be dire. Now talking about the woman that is going viral along with the video is Gautami Patil. Most of you must have heard the name for the first time but she is quite famous in Maharashtra.

Basically, she is a dancer who has performed in many events and she is already a phenomenon of the youth. Her name was enough to drive people crazy but now her videos are making her even more famous. By now you are all probably thinking what kind of content made her viral videos so popular.

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It’s basically a video shot during an event that happened in Pune. Someone posted this video on Twitter and Reddit and within seconds it went viral on other platforms. Now netizens are showing angry reactions to her and making offensive comments below.

Gautami Patil

This is not the first time she has been reported, but this time it is completely different. Before this video this dancer was famous for her fashion and beauty and she gained a huge fan following for her dance and beauty but now n*de video has made her he’s more famous. Those who haven’t seen the video will definitely want to know more. As we said, this is an erotic video in which she is changing clothes. Don’t know who posted this video but people are backlashing her. The case has been prosecuted and the police are currently investigating the matter.

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Gautam Patil was already famous and now this video has made her famous around the world. Her popularity is constantly growing. There are some who claim that it was she who posted this video to gain fame and that it was a publicity stunt while some are claiming that someone did it to smear her. Well, what the exact problem is is still unknown but we hope to get the details as soon as possible. The case of this viral video was filed by Gautami Patil himself at Bharti University Police Department in this regard. In addition, netizens are protesting and want to take strict action against her. Some people even consider her dance moves to be vulgar and that she should be banned.

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Gautami Patil

Who is Gautami Patil?

There are a lot of people who don’t know her but now her viral video has made her famous and people want to know more about her. Gautami is a Lavini Marathi dancer born in 1996 in Shindkheda, Dhule, Maharashtra. She lost her father at a very young age and was raised by her maternal uncle. She moved to Pune when she was in 6th grade. Due to financial difficulties, she decided to drop out of school and become a dancer. At the age of 18, she began her dancing career. Her videos often go viral and people troll her for her erotic dance moves. She made the controversial jump while wearing a Lavni dress.

Gautami Patil

She was a background dancer at Akluj Lavani Mahotsav. Patil’s song titled “Sarkar Tey Keley Market Jam” is mesmerizing viewers. She’s been dancing for the past 4 to 5 years. She is not only famous in India but all over the world and now this latest viral video has made her even more famous. She is quite active on social networks and has gained millions of followers who are only talking about her now. Speaking of her net worth, she makes about $2 million a year. Currently, she is 26 years old and has become a sensation with her latest viral porn video. At the moment, we only have such detailed information but we are working to get more information about it and we will share it with you.

Gautami Patil

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