Girl leaves boyfriend because he refuses to give her toilet paper

A woman kicked her man to the curb after he refused to give her toilet paper when she sat down in seat two – with no way to clean up.

We’ve all been there. You sit down to do your work and reach for the toilet paper – only to realize there’s nothing left but the cardboard roll.

That leaves you with the uncomfortable task of asking someone else to give you some TP, as long as you’re in public or living with other people. It’s never fun and almost always awkward.

A woman thought she could ask her boyfriend for help when she had no toilet paper after taking out the trash… but it turned out she was left in a creek without TP. Jas MinOne TikToker was left in a creek without any TP – and her boyfriend refused to help her.

Girl broke up after her boyfriend threw a roll of toilet paper at her head

TikTok user Jess Jacobsen treated viewers to the story of the time she went to the bathroom at home and discovered that his bathroom had no toilet paper.

Luckily, her boyfriend was in the house with her so she asked him for help – but he wasn’t willing to go downstairs and get her something to clean.

“I said, ‘Hey honey, can you get me some toilet paper?’ He said: ‘No. I told you the bathroom was out of toilet paper, sorry.’” She explained.

He repeatedly refused her requests and even asked her to choose “number one or number two,” saying if she was “just going to pee.” [she] You can use the towel right there to wipe it off.”

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That comment embarrassed Jess and she refused to do so. He then started ignoring her, leaving her with no choice but to scream for help, hoping someone would hear.

Finally, he angrily stood up and grabbed some toilet paper, calling her “too dramatic.” According to Jess, her man slammed the bathroom door and threw a roll of TP at her head, making her cry.

“It was truly one of the craziest things anyone has ever done to me,” she declared.

Jess said she broke up with her man due to his reaction to the incident – a decision supported by many commenters, urging her to stay away from her ex.

“It’s a relationship deal breaker. 100%,” one user wrote.

“He clearly as day showed you when you were vulnerable, sick or something was inconvenient for him. he won’t be there for you…RUN!!” another said.

“If he won’t fulfill a simple request like that, imagine what he would be like if you needed help with something bigger/more important,” another person pointed out.

So far, it seems like Jess is moving further and further away from that bad relationship – much to the relief of viewers.

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