Hall claims Kaitlin forced him to join Temptation Island as reunion gets heated

Hall from Temptation Island at the reunion special

In a preview for Temptation Island’s reunion special, Hall says that Kaitlin made him join the reality show despite his protests.

Fans of Temptation Island have been granted a sneak peek preview of the season 5 reunion special, and boy is there much to unpack.

During the reunion, the singles and OG couples all get seated together to hash out the drama from their time spent inside the villa.

One of the most heated moments in the sneak peek preview concerns none other than Hall and Kaitlin. Since Hall broke off their engagement, Temptation Island viewers have been dying to see the ex-couple wrestle with their abrupt split, once and for all.

During their heated discussion, Hall defensively admits that he never even wanted to join the reality dating show.

Hall claims he never wanted to join season 5 of Temptation Island

One of the most dramatic storylines in season 5 of Temptation Island has centered around Hall’s journey inside the villa. Not only is he the first cast mate to break off an engagement in Temptation Island history, but he has also been one of the quickest to find love with the 24-year-old Makayla.

During the reunion, some of the cast mates begin to call Hall out for his callous treatment of Kaitlin. Hall gets defensive in his response, claiming that it wasn’t even his idea to join the reality tv show.

“I did not want to come on this show,” he admits during the reunion. “I mean, to take an engaged man to an island filled with single women…”

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Kaitlin retaliates by claiming he should have refused the offer in the first place. “So you should have said ‘no’!” She tells Hall.

“I did say ‘no’!” Hall shouts in response. “I said ‘no’ a million times!” 

Of course, fans are far from happy with Hall’s actions, taking to the comment section to discuss their distaste.

“Hall is so disgusting,” one fan wrote. “Kaitlin is such a wonderful & amazing person yet he takes any chance he gets to be disgusting to her. Makayla is young & blinded, happens all the time. She’s in for a long road of manipulation with that bozo.”

Another viewer agreed, writing on the Temptation Island subreddit, “I love how Hall is like me me me me me. Imagine being Makayla and willingly being with a full-blown liar that clearly lacks any sort of empathy for the people he hurts. Embarrassing.”

Stay tuned for the Temptation Island reunion only on the USA Network.

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