Harta Demencia Viral Video: Gore Original Del As3sinato De Harta Demencia Filtrado

A heinous crime has been reported from abroad, where a famous figure was found dead. This news created a lot of shock among her fans and there were many reports that it was a murder case. The victim has been identified as Eliseo Duarte and the news has sent shockwaves among fans who are expressing sympathy to his family and friends. Reports further say that a video or audio related to his death has been posted online and is now circulating around the internet. People continuously shared this video with each other and discussed the incident.

Harta Demencia Gore

Harta Demencia’s viral video

Since people heard the news and watched the video or listened to the recording of the incident, fear has lingered in their hearts and they have also become increasingly worried about their safety. Those who have not seen the video or listened to the recording are eager to know the nature of his death. If we believe the report then he was killed by someone. Reports say that he was allegedly shot and now people want to know about the suspect and the motive behind his death. Eliseo Duarte Calero is a famous personality and he is also famous on social media platforms and that is why this news is getting attention all over the world and mainly the youth are loving it. sorry for his passing.

According to reports, in recent hours, audio has been doing the rounds that are expected to reveal why this popular social media influencer was shot. Also, there are many people who want to know more about this social media personality and feel confused after hearing about the word “Harta Demenica”, so we are here to clear the confusion. Eliseo Duarte Calero is also known as “Harta Demenica” in Ecuador and that is why the word became viral with the sound. Reports say that the popularity of “Harta Dementia” and his work on the Internet led to him being placed in foster care 2 months ago.

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Harta Demencia Gore

Furthermore, this foster home is also a shelter or resting place for drug addicts. However, this shelter is considered illegal by the police agency. This shelter is located in the Nueva Prosperina area of ​​Guayaquil and was attacked by at least 5 subjects who broke down the door and killed everyone present in the shelter. Reports say that the killers assassinated 4 individuals and 2 survivors including Duarte. According to the viral audio, people selling drugs as well as other intoxicating and illegal items in that area had previously warned social media influencers and social workers to stay away so customers Theirs were not sent for rehabilitation.

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