Hoa khôi Bóng Chuyền Ngân Hà ghi danh thi hoa hậu, Nhan Sắc Vạn Người “Si Mê”

Nguyen Ngan Ha, who won the title of ball restorer in the 2022 University, College and Armed Forces Student Award, has decided to “encroach the field” to participate in the Miss World Vietnam contest. South 2023

Nguyen Ngan Ha was born in 2003, currently studying at the University of Economics – Danang University, Faculty of International Business. Although she did not grow up in professional football clubs, the name Ngan Ha has become famous in Da Nang not only for her talent but also for her beautiful and pure beauty.

Nguyen Ngan Ha received the restoration title and the bronze medal

In 2022, Ngan Ha received the title of restoring the ball of the University, College and Armed Forces Association – Twinning student award. From then on, she also became more known. Recently, the model born in 2003 was awarded the honor of Miss World Vietnam 2023 (Miss World Vietnam).

Coming to the Miss World Vietnam 2023 contest, Ngan Ha shared: “I am a girl who is attached to sunny soccer fields, smells, tears and efforts. Coming to Miss World Vietnam 2023, I will bring a new color representing positive energy. of the players and affirmed that a girl who can play sports can also fight on the battlefield.”

Ngan Ha is one of the first contestants announced by Miss World Vietnam 2023

Other images of flowers restore the shadow of Nguyen Ngan Ha

Outstanding achievements of Nguyen Ngan Ha

Member of the Communist Party of Vietnam

– Peaceful restoration of Da Nang city 2023

– TOP 5 Women’s Singles at Ms&Mr UD 2022 Danang University Ambassador Search Contest

– GREEN RACE 2022 running ambassador

– Champion of Cesim Elite Vietnam Business Simulation Competition 2023

– 5 Good students for the 2021-2022 school year

– Talkshow speaker “GEN Z and Personal Branding”

– Head of DUE Football Club. (University of Economics – UD)

– Excellent student at Nghe An Provincial level in 2020 in Chemistry

– Phu Dong Health Council Medal of Nghe An Province in Soccer

– Bronze Medal for Students of Universities, Colleges and Armed Forces in 2022

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