Hot girl Trần Hà Linh là ai? Clip Hoa Khôi Ngoại Thương bị Lộ Clip nóng có thật không?

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Tran Ha Linh is a “talented” girl who is studying at the Hanoi Foreign Trade University. She excellently overcame many contestants to become the owner of the crown jewel of the beautiful Miss Foreign Trade in 2022. Recently, the name Ha Linh created a stir among fans because of the scandal revealing the hot clip. So is it true that Hoa Khoi Foreign Trade Clip is real hot Clip device, find out right away through the content of the article.

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Who is Tran Ha Linh?

Tran Ha Linh, born in 2002, is currently a high-quality student majoring in Foreign Economic Relations at Foreign Trade University.

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She is studying at the top university in Vietnam

Brief biography, background of Tran Ha Linh

Full name:Tran Ha Linh
Year of Birth:January 14, 2002
Year old:21 years old (as of 2023)
Home town:Hanoi Vietnam
Education:High quality class majoring in Foreign Trade University of Foreign Trade
Facebook:Ha Linh Tran (Nin)

The “completely talented” girl

Since she was a student at Amsterdam High School, Ha Linh has been known for her research and encouraging achievements. Typically, the Top 100 students with the highest scores in the whole city. Hanoi with a score of 57/60, 9.0 Reading and 8.5 Listen in the IELTS exam.

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In addition to studying, she often posts pictures of traveling, practicing sports, playing golf, baking, painting and taking photos.

In addition, Ha Linh also spends time on charity activities, helping the less fortunate. Ha Linh shared that she wants to gain a deeper understanding and a deeper sense of the value in life through these activities.

Ha Linh – Miss again Charming Foreign Trade 2022

Possessing delicate beauty, height of 1m7 and academic achievements, Ha Linh was excellently crowned Miss Foreign Trade 2022.

Bare Ha Linh crowned the restored flower background in the Foreign Trade Charming Contest 2022

She is not appreciated for her appearance or intelligence, and is left with her suitability to become the face of the Foreign Trade female student.

Flowers restored and 2 runner-ups Duyen Phong Foreign Trade 2022 “matched color” on television

Sharing about the plan, Ha Linh said that she will try her best in this life with greater beauty. She will try to balance study and activity time during her tenure.

She wants to improve more, before participating in national and international beauty contests

Hot girl Ha Linh also wishes to be able to use part of her award to build other volunteer support tools that bring meaning to society.

Is the latest clip of the Miss Foreign Trade clip real?

In recent days, the online community is confused by the service that distributes 4 “hot” videos that are said to be of hot girl Tran Ha Linh. And from here, the name Tran Ha Linh also entered the top 1 search on social networks.

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The girl mentioned in the clip revealing the hot scandal was spread on social networks

But after crawling to find out the truth, this is just a rare attempt due to the same name. Accordingly, the person who revealed the hot clip was also named Tran Ha Linh but was a different girl.

The girl who revealed the clip has the same name as Tran Ha Linh, but it’s not Hoa to restore Foreign Trade 2022

The incident made the community breath a sigh of relief. However, it also has a significant impact on the recovery of foreign trade in 2022 Tran Ha Linh.

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